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Birds of Prey, s1e08 - Lady Shiva

I needed caps of Dina Meyer in the Batgirl suit for a wallpaper I was making (the theme challenge was "why me?" and I thought Dina's Oracle would fit the bill nicely). So I hunted around and finally came up with a decent-sized clip of Birds of Prey s1e08, named "Batgirl" on my copy - it's dubbed in German, so I guess they changed the names - and "Lady Shiva" everywhere else. And yeah, of course I went ahead and capped the whole episode. How could I not? Oh, and I got a nice bonus Mitch Pileggi cap from the previews, which I shall share in the sample caps. :-) Samples and link under the cut, a little dark, feel free to lighten.

album is here

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