Cim (cimness) wrote in cap_it,

star trek:tos 1x03, "the corbomite maneuver"

i'm going to be going through the series, but the caps will be kirk- and spock-centric because i'm working with an eye to re-doing my moodtheme.  if anyone has any requests (scene, character) i'm game.  the corbomite maneuver, 77 caps in the gallery.

there are some great scenes of everybody on the bridge sort of chair-dancing as it's supposed to be "vibrating", but unfortunately i couldn't really capture that.

she definitely looks better in the red, which must be why they switched.

the disposable polystyrene coffee cup of the future

i also took a few of the second pilot, 1x02, "where no man has gone before".  there was very little kirk and spock screen time, some strange uniforms that they got rid of in the next filmed episode, etc.  so i only saved fifteen, but they're here

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