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Fantastic Four HD Trailer Hi-res Caps

I've been spending more time with my lovah QuickTime 7 and made some caps for the entire trailer of Fantastic Four. (I was selective though -- no repeats, no caps of anything that wasn't relatively clear.) There are 206 in all, sized 1280x532. The pictures are in two separate albums because I ran out of room on one of my Photobucket accounts.

Sample cap 1
Sample cap 2
Sample cap 3
Sample cap 4
Sample cap 5
Sample cap 6
Sample cap 7
Sample cap 8
Sample cap 9
Sample cap 10
Sample cap 11

The caps are here (caps 1-115) and here (caps 116-206). Password on both is "readonly."

Comments/credit appreciated. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 5/30/05 7/18/05 (New download link) The link is below. The file is hosted on RapidShare, and for anyone who hasn't used it before, here's a quick rundown: click the link, scroll to the bottom, and click the button for the free download (not the premium one). Wait until the page loads, then scroll down again, where you will find it says "download ticket reserved." It will require you to wait about a minute before it gives you the link.

Zip file (24.4MB)
Tags: !trailer, movie: fantastic four (series)

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