Tammy (lovesjaydog) wrote in cap_it,


I am not sure if this is allowed but I thought I would make the plea just the same. If you offer caps uploaded to a yousendit link, do you think you could check your entries to see if those links are still valid? I have been browsing the memories for an hour looking for different caps, and I have run across at LEAST 15 entries with expired yousendit links. These entries already have ignored pleas on them to reupload. It's just kinda frustrating when you are looking for caps.

edit within the comments on this entry there are MANY helpful suggestions about using you send it. this entry was NOT meant to attack or be rude to anyone. it was a simple suggestion to someone, anyone, to perhaps either check on your entries or for the mods who are in charge of the memories (to my knowledge there are mods for this purpose) that yousendit links are a concern. yes the mods are wonderful here, and as someone pointed out they do not get enough thank you's, others have said that the mods have lives and cannot be expected to stay on top of this, yes i aggree, so where as the suggestions within the comments MAY be creating more mod work, before you cry beggars cannot be choosers and move along think about this. i posted my concern hoping to appeal to the people who post at yousendit, alot of people email complaints to the mods. dont you think the mods weeding though a bazillion emails about dead links, or actually having to go through the memories and delete them is work? the suggestions within the comments for the cappers to do when posting entries with yousendit links would actually create less work on the mods.

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