A loaded round; An empty gun (dogscanlookup) wrote in cap_it,
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Okay, I looked through the memories and admin posts, but I didn't see an answer, unless I'm blind. I have lots of caps to share, but my free server only hosts 50 megs, which is like 2 movies. I would like to keep things up so they can be archived, but I'm a bit broke to be paying for anything right now. I hate YSI because it takes flipping AGES to upload anything....

So my question is, does anyone know of any free sites for file hosting that are reliable and offer a decent amout of webspace? I have an account at FileHost, but it's already 1/2 full after a week =/.

Thanks for any ideas in advance!

Okay, I'm an idiot, lol. I completely forgot about Photobucket ftp uploading. *beats head against desk* I was always like "How do all these people have the patience to upload hundreds of pics doing only 20 at a time?" LMFAO. Duuuhhhhh. X^D


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