Cim (cimness) wrote in cap_it,

star trek: tos caps, [part of] season one

i've been slowly going through the episodes in order. 

63 of 1x04, "mudd's women". 

165 of 1x05, "the enemy within". 

the trusting innocence and bare chest of good!kirk

the heavy eyeliner of evil!kirk

84 of 1x06, "the man trap".

166 of 1x07, "the naked time". 

man, those biohazard suits are pretty groovy... but they don't appear to be airtight...

"as if."

130 of 1x08, "charlie x". 

the workout clothes of the future?  ouch.

139 of 1x09, "balance of terror". 

80 of 1x10, "what are little girls made of?".  (someone requested the scene with kirk and robot!kirk on the robot-kirk-making machine.  those start here and there are 22.)

"but why would an android wear shoulderpads?"

best. phallic object shot. ever.

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