Sarah Mc (xsx8xsx) wrote in cap_it,
Sarah Mc

I just got a laptop and it came with Power DVD and I decided i would like to do some capping. If you want just a special scene or just a character from a movie (like just Lucas aka CMM from OTH) or the whole movie. The caps will be HD and large so they will be wonderful for graphics.Also I am renting White Noise and would be willing to rent movies to cap.I will alsp cap extras on the dvds




Two can play that game (vivica fox)

One Tree Hill S1 (DUH)

Buffy S6 (DUH)

60 old cartoons (include Betty Boop (in color and b&w,Popeye,Mighty Mouse,Felix the cat,Little Audrey,Superman,Baby huey,Mutt and Jeff,Casper and a ton more)


Son in law (pauly shore)

Gothika (Halle berry)

Bringing Down The House (Queen Latifah)

One Hour Photo (Robin Williams)

Stir of echoes (Kevin Bacon)

The Life Of david gale (Kate Winslet,she looks stunning in this movie)

Bowling for columbine 2 disc (Michael Moore)

Remember The Titans (Denzel washington)

Drop Dead Fred (Phoebe Cates)

Mystic River (Kevin Bacon & Sean Penn)

Monsters Inc 2 dvd set with lots of extras

Full Metal Jacket

Legends of the fall (Brad Pitt)

Saved (mandy moore)

Fried Green Tomatoes

A cinderella story w/ the our lips are seales video(Hilary Duff & Cmm)

50 First Dates (adam sandler & drew barrymore)

2 fast 2 furious (Paul Walker)

The Notebook

Mean Girls


Conspiracy Theory (Julia Roberts & Mel Gibson)

Philadelphia (Tom hanks & denzel)



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