le (oppositeoffate) wrote in cap_it,

Television: Crossing Jordan - Jump, Push, Fall (Season Finale)

First time posting here, but I have 193 caps of the last parts of the Crossing Jordan finale, starting from when Woody and the SWAT team (was it a SWAT team?) went to the building where "Danger" was. And yes, I have many captures from the Jordan whispering to Woody scene! :)

Caps are 624 x 352, and unaltered. I haven't capped the rest of the episode yet, but if anybody wants me to, I'll do it.

Photobucket: here.
Zip file: YouShareIt link

Credit and comment, if you'd like. :) Also, please let me know if the link for the zipped file doesn't work - I'm testing out a new hosting site. Thanks! :)

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