Cat (tsaress) wrote in cap_it,

Revenge of the Sith Requests Filled

Last lot of caps made for Requests any other requests please make on my community beyondstarwars this is where all the rest of the caps will now be going.
I will be deleting the other Revenge of the Sith posts I have made and I will edit this one when I have set up my site which will have the caps from the film on it.

Caps 352x264 I could stretch them to make them bigger but then they would lose the top quitly that they are.
Due to the fact that most of them will spoil it for people all samples are under an cut.

Please credit hobbitfanatic and beyondstarwars
I would also love to know what you do with them just call me nosey.

Dooku fight

Right save target as

Right save target as Jedi Temple (includes younglin fight)

Right save target as Obi Wan and Grevious Fight

Right save target as Order 66

Right save target as Misc Caps (includes hands, Tears of Anakin Mon Motham or who I think she is Padme an Anakin looking out of the window and also Obi Wan on the ship.

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