Jenny (peacefully) wrote in cap_it,

Mod reminders!

capitrequests has been running since February of this year and I think that so far it has been a success. I've seen plenty of requests being filled and there are nearly 1,000 members! I'm just reminding those new to the community or those who may not have noticed that capitrequests is there. All requests are to be posted to that community only, and at this time DVD lists are allowed in the main cap_it community. Please, as with most livejournal communities, make sure to read the rules before posting in either community.

I'd also like to remind you that absolutely no teaser/sample caps are allowed outside of an LJ cut when posted to the cap_it community. This is to make the community easier to view for those avoiding spoilers, those with certain layouts, and those who are on dial-up.

BTW, I have sent out emails to those who were chosen to be memory mods for capitrequests.

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