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Alias 4x13 Tuesday HDTV Caps

I made 357 HDTV caps of the Alias episode 4x13 "Tuesday" (as requested by kimmers_81) all sized 1272x720. The caps are of Jennifer Garner, Michael Vartan, and of them together or with others. As I did with "Nightingale," if you want solo caps of other cast members, drop me a line and I'll make some for you.

The zip files are below. They are split into scenes to reduce the file size. The files are on RapidShare and YouSendIt.

The RapidShare links should now lead directly to the zip files, but if they don't, follow the directions below to download the zips.

To download from RapidShare, click the link then scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says "free." Wait for the next page to load, then scroll down to the timer and wait (about 60 seconds) for the link to appear.

Sample cap 1
Sample cap 2
Sample cap 3
Sample cap 4
Sample cap 5
Sample cap 6

RapidShare: UPDATE: 10/13/05 - New download links
Scene 1: Havana (8.8MB)
Scene 2: Buried (4.8MB)
Scene 3: We Don't Have Much Time (7.1MB)
Scene 4: Your Other North (8.6MB)
Scene 5: What's a Spork? (5.5MB)
Scene 6: I Hate Lying to Her (7.5MB)

How to use RapidShare: When you click the link, scroll down to the bottom. There will be a chart with a link to a free download and a premium one. Click the free one. Scroll down again after the page loads and look where it says "download ticket reserved." It will tell you to wait 60 seconds, and after that time is up, there will be a link to the file.

Comments/credit appreciated, since they took a while to make.

I'm going to start working on 4x10 "The Index" soon coughwhenitfinishesdownloadingcough, and I hope to have those caps up sometime tomorrow (late, though) or Thursday.

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