January 1st, 2005

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646 caps of Legally Blonde. Widescreen. 960x536. In order. Credit is nice, but not required. Please don't hotlink.

Note: Some of these aren't that great, but generally, if I capped it, it's in there. Many of these are wonderfully usable. :-)

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Any takers?

I currently have these films available to cap for the next week or so, so if you need anything, let me know:

The Life of David Gale, It's Pat, Ella Enchanted, Mulan, Highway and Dogville.

I'd be happy to email them to you. I can do mini movies or whatever you need.
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Roseanne & Johnny Cash, "September When It Comes"

Capped the music video for Roseanne Cash's "September When It Comes." Saw this thing for the first time Christmas day and I knew I had to cap it - it's basically a slideshow tribute to Johnny. Yummy, yummy pictures. Man looks good at any age. I've got 66 640x480 caps, unretouched, up at photobucket. Samples and link under the cut.
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Red Dwarf Question

I thought I saw a request for Red Dwarf in the request thread but I can't find it so I have no idea if I can fill it.

Over christmas my girlfriend got me addicted so I bought myself the third and fourth seasons since that's where we left off with it. I wanted to make icons and was going to cap some of it anyway but I wanted to know if anyone else would benefit from them as well.

Filling Request: Highway

Movie: Highway (Rated R; caps contain sexual images)
Starring: Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, Selma Blair
Caps Info: 400x300, jpeg format, Fullscreen, 490 caps (entire movie--- lots of hot guys!)

The caps are in two zip files, around 20 MB each, and are totaled at 490 caps. They are in four zip files now, so they are easier to send and therefor less time to Download. I will email you the zips. Email me at spongepantsstar@aol.com and I'll send them to you asap!

Many more samples are under the cut... have patience and let them load, they're worth it; please comment, credit and enjoy!

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Invader Zim Opening Sequence

30 DVD caps of the opening sequence of Invader Zim in 1 zip file. Dimensions are 640x480. Credit if used. If you interested in more, let me know; I'll be capping eps anyway for my own use, but if no one's interested, I won't waste my time/server space on uploading them. Thanks.

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Invader Zim "Plague of Babies"

336 DVD caps of "Plague of Babies" in 2 zip files. Dimensions are 640x480. Credit if used. If your interested in more, let me know; I'll be capping them for my own use, but if no one's interested, I won't waste my time/server space uploading them. (<--I sound like a broken record, don't I? :P) Thanks.

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My Little Ponies 01x03

506 caps from the End of Flutter Valley Parts 5 & 6 uploaded to YouSendIt because there didn't seem to be much reception for them but to those who might use them, I guess it's a compromise.

Same quality as before; dvd and 1024x768

EDIT - If you're taking them, can you please comment so I know whether people really want me to continue these or not.


Please comment if you need them re-uploaded again.
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Red Dwarf 03x01: Backwards

668 caps from the first episode of the third season ( aka series ). Even though they're from a DVD, they're not exactly HQ because the film is from the late 1980s. I apologize. But, I think they should be alright for smaller graphics like icons because it should get smoother when you size it down.

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