January 3rd, 2005


The Object of My Affection (150 caps)

Hello all :) psychme requested that I make a few caps of Paul Rudd and Jennifer Anniston in The Object of My Affection. I -- er -- got a little carried away. Behind the cut are two of the 150 screen caps I've made of the movie.

Some of the caps are a little blurry; I really apologize. I had to save everything under .jpg because of loading time. I'm sure the photos can be fixed... if not, just bother me for some icon bases.

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  • zilly14

DVD List

Okay guys, I have DVDs I can cap for you. But PLEASE specify what you want - like a particular scene. If it's from a TV Show let me know what episode. I don't have the time to go searching through to find "anything with Willow" or whatever. The more details, the better.

And I'm not capping whole movies/episodes either. I'm a busy college student with a lack of free time!

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Alice - Cheshire Dark Teeth

New Ownership

adolwyn has had some stuff come up and offered me ownership of the comm. Everything hasn't been completely finalised, but she told me to consider myself the owner.

So now I'm the owner. Now for what I feel are the most pressing issues of the community at the moment. Memories and requests.

The memories were/are a bit behind but the lovely kurogane has been working very hard trying to get things up to date. Hopefully they won't be much of a problem in the future. :)

The request thread is getting way out of hand. The original thought was that we'd get a website set up with all the requests and have some mods regularly update that, and the request list post was temporary. Now it's huge. It's about 36 pages at about 50 comments per page. Even if I had the webspace to host a list, it would still be a large overwhelming list and a huge job to put it together.

So here's what I propose to fix it: A new comm. A cap_it requests comm. I know the idea was brought up before, and was ultimately rejected, but now that I've thought about it, it seems like the best option. The requests (and possibly DVD lists too) would be posted to the new community. We could use the memories to keep track of the things that are requested and have it set up the way the memories are now. Then people can just skim the list and see what needs to be done. We'd probably need more mods, for updating the memories, cleaning the memories, and general community upkeep, but as long as we can get responsible reliable people, I think it's pretty workable.

The only problem I see with it is that we wouldn't be able to easily move the current requests over there, so people would have to re-request. Though if they really want the caps, and there's a chance they'll get them sooner with the cleaner list, they might not mind so much.

Any thoughts?