January 8th, 2005

Shaun of the Dead

I've been meaning to start capping the movies I own, and today I finally did XD I capped Shaun of the Dead, there are 344 caps, divided into two zip files. This is my first time actually posting anything here!

[x] please leave a comment if you download the zip files - just so I can keep an eye on bandwidth and such
[x] please credit either my livejournal or Kat @ http://cinema.sleepyhalliwell.com if you use them any of the caps!
[x] also, no hotlinking XD play nice!

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Band of Brothers ( Currahee )

1650 caps from the first episode of Band of Brothers. There's a bunch of trivial shots and probably some that came out blurry but my bum is too lazy to filter those out but there's a lot of good stuff in there, too.

Comment if taking. Credit isn't necessary but nice for other who may want to find these.

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DVD List

Ok Guys - since I can't decide what to cap next lol i've compiled of all my available to hand DVDs XD. There are a lot..so I warn you now! I am willing to cap complete movies, but you will have to realise it will take me a little longer to do - depending on film length and amount of requests!

There are a lot of movies, foreign & well known, TV shows & Music DVDs I can cap!

All I ask once done, that none of the images are hotlinked, credit is given to either my livejournal or Kat @ http://cinema.sleepyhalliwell.com

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I have the PowerDVD version that came with my Dell and I've already established that you CAN NOT cap with that program. Not unless you upgrade it.

But what I really want to know is, can you cap with InterActual? I have this on the Dell as well and was wondering if anyone else has it and knows how you can cap with it. I tried go to Control Panel > Settings > Advanced > turning the acceleration to nothing and applying it, and the program won't work.

Can anyone help?

goosey goosey

Down With Love

Hey, going through the memories I noticed the actual movie wasn't capped and so since I had the dvd til today actually, I decided to cap it. I was going to cap lightly, but I still ended up with 283. This also includes the video of Ewan and Renee singing and dancing which is see during the credits, but the dvd has a full size version which is nice. They caps are 640x480. They are a little Ewan centric because I love him to death and do not care much for Renee Zellweger.

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Comments are nice, credit not necessary, just don't claim them as your own. Thanks.

Lost Episode 12 Screencaps - HDTV

Finally, I have the screencaps finished for episode 12, "Whatever the Case May Be." It usually won't take this long. ;)

2585 caps this week, as always, all are 1280x768 high definition caps, saved as jpegs and split into zip files based on act.

Sample caps behind the cut:

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The Zip Files:
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part1.zip (23.8 MB)
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part2.zip (33.2 MB)
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part3.zip (36.5 MB)
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part4.zip (34.6 MB)
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part5.zip (36.3 MB)
Lost.s01e12.screencaps.part6.zip (14.3 MB)

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

txvoodoo really is incredibly awesome, as she is still providing the space and bandwidth for LOST caps, but now also for ALIAS caps. :D

That's it for this week. Expect next week to be the first week of the new routine with ALIAS caps on Thursday and LOST following on Friday.

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Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow Live DVD

I took some caps of Sarah's new dvd concert for your viewing pleasure.

There are 108 from the actual concert and 77 caps from the dvd features.

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PS: I have Princess Diaries 2, would anyone be interested in selected caps? If so, leave a comment of what scene you'd like (I'm not going to do the whole movie).

PPS: I'm having such a brain block, but can anyone tell me the place where you list the dvds you own?
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