January 9th, 2005

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Idle Hands

straightpride requested a few scenes from 'Idle Hands,' (request can be found here) so I capped a few more while I was at it. 273 caps from the movie, very Devon Sawa and Seth Green-centric because I think they're both adorable. Quite a few of Jessica Alba, as well, and a few of other characters. There are three scenes (Seth Green dancing, Seth Green holding the electric meat carver, and Devon Sawa pushing his dog into the hallway) that are nearly frame by frame capped, the first because I thought it was cute and the second and third because of the request.

Warning: Caps contain drug use, some blood and gore, and adult themes.

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Comments are greatly appreciated, credit is wonderful but not absolutely necessary, hotlinking is evil.

The Boy Who Could Fly

Movie: The Boy Who Could Fly (caps in cut contain major spoilers)
Starring: Lucy Deakins, Jay Underwood, Mindy Cohen, Fred Savage
Caps Info: 400x225, jpeg format, Widescreen, 296 caps (entire movie... for no other reason other then it is fantastic!)

Terms: The caps are in my photobucket account. I will certainly take them down eventually, so get them while you can. Link is under zee cut.

Synopsis:</b> I'm not sure how many people have seen/heard about this movie, but I think it's great! It's basically a modern day Peter Pan story about a depressed teenage girl (Millie) who befriends a mute boy (Eric) who believes he can fly.


Many more pretty samples and link are under the cut... have patience and let them load, they're worth it; please comment, credit and enjoy!

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Popular - Episodes 1x01 - 1x05

I've capped the first 5 episodes of the first season of Popular, and I will hopefully get all the episodes uploaded soon. Please give me credit if you use these for icons or graphics, and do not claim them as your own. Don't even try to hotlink. Comments are appreciated, so I know if people are actually interested in more of these..

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Just thought I'd offer up my (selected) DVD list for a little bit since I haven't got much to do in the next few days.

To keep things under control, I'm putting a limit on the number of requests I get (if I get any); the first 6 requests will definitely be filled. After that I may open it up for some more.

• One request per person
• If requesting from a movie, please specify the scene/s you want, but don't request a whole movie (unless it's already been capped - you'll see on my list).

• There are other rules and notes at the top of the list, so please read them!

DVD List Here EDIT: Currently not taking any more requests until I finish the first lot.
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Super Mario Bros. Caps

I recently got into screencapping, so I decided to cap the whole Super Mario Bros. movie, starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizano (I can't find the DVD case so I don't know how to spell it) and Dennis Hopper. If you haven't seen it you are missing out terribly, so go rent it! Haha. Just kidding. But it is a great movie. There are 414 good quality caps in 3 zip files. Go behind the cut for links to the zip files.

( Follow the fake LJ cut! )
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Elektra "First Five Minutes" Screencaps

Fox recently released the first five minutes of "Elektra," featuring Jennifer Garner in all her assassin glory. I now bring you caps. 162 caps at 640x350 each, and all saved as jpegs.

Samples behind the cut:

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Download file: Elektra2.zip (3.3 MB)

the_crazy_lady hosts me and these caps on her server, so I need to thank her for her generosity. Which in tern means, no hotlinking any of the pictures! If you do, well, Elektra won't be the only one kicking some ass. Enjoy.

Comments and credit appreciated.

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