January 10th, 2005

pete wentz

Green Day - Minority & Poprocks and Coke

hey im new to the community (technically i've been here a while, but im a first time poster) and i have caps from "Minority" by Green Day and "poprocks and coke" by green day


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i dont know why the caps for poprocks and coke are smaller, im new to PowerDVD, does anyone know how to have them save at JPEGs, and also have them regular size\?
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the life aquatic with steve zissou caps

i capped the whole movie (the first time i ever do that), and here are the four zip files + some previews under the lj-cut. there are 936 caps in total. i want to warn you that the stupid watermark you see on the previews is on all the caps, but it's not that distracting. :)

if you use these, pls remember to credit me. others might wanna find the caps, and can't if you don't credit.

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spn // frontierland // dean 2

Drop Dead Fred

Alright. About a week ago, my best friend gave this movie to me after I told her I was thinking of buying it online. Given that I've loved this movie since I was eight, I went a little crazy with the screencapping.

So. 1158 screencaps of Drop Dead Fred. NO HOTLINKING, credit is required (it did take me forever, considering my program spontaneously deleted the first three hundred at one point), comments are adored.

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Wimbledon Interest?

Hey everyone - I'm thinking about capping Wimbledon but I can't remember if it's already been done. Would anyone be interested in caps of it, or have I missed the caps someone else made?

Leave a post here and I'll see how much interest there is ;) I make nice, large, clear, high quality caps and offer them in a zip for download -- see my caps of Zoolander, Stigmata, Aladdin, Elephant, and some Alias episodes for examples in the memories. :)
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The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride (1102 Caps, 1280x720 Pixel)

[as a ZIP-File, 118 MB]

If they link expired, but you would still like to download the ZIP-File leave a comment and I will reupload it. :)

  • Comment and credit if you take..would be really nice at least!!
  • Don't hotlink !!!

I release that the movie has been capped before, I just thought I would make some with good quality and especially a lot of them.
Some of the Caps are out of order, because of the way they were numbered.

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michalka fan

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I've compiled a DVD list for y'all. I don't have a lot, (the majority of our movies are VHS) but maybe there's something here that you want capped. Mostly anime, but some other movies too. I'll do whole movies, scenes, whatever...keep in mind though, besides having to cap on my dad's laptop (major pain, huh?) I DO have a life and your requests won't be filled right away. XD Anyway, request away!

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