January 13th, 2005


Quick query.

Hey guys, sorry to be a pain and post a question up here rather than caps (but if i can get my computer finally sorted there should be caps from me soon!) I have a few files in realplayer format and unfortunately everytime i try to do a screen capture (print screen SysRq button) I get the dreaded black box of doom. Do any of you know a way round this as I would dearly love some caps of these files (Samauri Pizza Cats episodes! :) )

Again sorry to be a nuisance and thanks in advance for any suggestions..

Please help

I have PowerDVD XP for VAIO but I can't figure out how to make a capture. The button that is in the tutorial for this is dimmed on my program and when I go to configure >> advanced it doesn't have the "Capture" tab... Is it possible to capture with this version? I don't know if that made any sense at all. I'm sorry if I'm blind about this, this is my first attempt and the memories just don't make sense... :/
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Teen Titans, anyone?

I have all of season two and some some season one from Teen Titans on my computer, does anyone want caps? I'm already planning to cap all the s2 Terra episodes, so unless you want a specific scene capped from those, I should have them done by early next week. The season one episodes I have are the following:
1x06 - Nevermore
1x10 - Mad Mod
1x11 - Car Trouble
1x12 - Apprentice
1x13 - Apprentice


Pride and Prejudice

I know several people have capped Pride and Prejudice already, but I wanted to cap it anyway for my website of caps from Jane Austen movies; hopefully someone will find these useful. I, um, went just a little overboard...there are 2,187 caps total. (It's not my fault -- every time Darcy was onscreen, my finger just kept hitting the C key of its own volition!) There's definitely an emphasis on Lizzy and Darcy, but there are also a lot of caps of the supporting characters. The caps are 1024x576, unaltered, and available in zip files.

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Also, in case anyone reading this has bookmarked my Sense and Sensibility caps -- I have taken them down from my Photobucket album and moved them to my website; you can check either the original post or my site for the new links to zip files.
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Hook caps

Do not memory these, they won't be up very long. I just made these for something somewhere else, and I figured I'd post them here for those who want to use them. I plan on capping the entire movie after I get done with my other requests (sorry about that), but only if there's enough interest in it.

Only 20 caps. I'll probably take them down in week or two because they're in the the photobucket account I made to use for mood themes whenever I get around to starting to make them...
They're randomish, and not in order, but mostly from some memorable parts of the movie.

As always with my caps, please comment if taking, credit if using, and no hotlinking. :)

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