January 16th, 2005

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CSI 03 x 13

I forgot the title of the episode but I made 949 caps because it's like an all Warrick episode. I only wanted a few caps from the end but wound up doing the whole thing instead ( I had no LJ, I was boooooredd )

Anywho, comment if taking ( for bandwidth track ) and credit is optional but nice so people can find them later.

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Alias - Episode 4x03 - HDTV Screencaps

Finally able to get the caps for ALIAS episode 4x03, "The Awful Truth" up. They were done kind of late, and the the whole LiveJournal thing...but they're here now.

So, 2506 total caps, 1280x760 pixels, zipped jpegs broken up by act.

And now sample caps (there are a lot, so it'll take awhile to load):
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The Zip Files
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part1.zip (48.1 MB)
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part2.zip (46.2 MB)
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part3.zip (21.9 MB)
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part4.zip (32.6 MB)
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part5.zip (24.9 MB)
Alias.s04e03.screencaps.part6.zip (33.5 MB)

Comment and credit are appreciated. And the space and bandwidth are, once again, provided by the awesome txvoodoo.

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Jane Eyre

368 caps of the 1996 version of Jane Eyre with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The caps are all of Jane and Rochester, and are available in three zip files.

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I did Emma caps a few days ago; if you missed them, they're here.
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Lost Episode 13 Screencaps - HDTV

Finally, the screencaps for LOST episode 13, "Hearts and Minds."

They're rather late this week because of the LiveJournal power outtage. 2917 caps this week. As always, 1280x720 pixels, zipped jpegs, broken up by act. Even though it was episode 13, the caps themselves are numbered as they would be for episode 14. I noticed after I had already uploaded all of them. But the zips are numbered correctly.

Sample caps, as always, behind the cut:

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The Zip Files:
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part1.zip (32.9 MB)
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part2.zip (46.8 MB)
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part3.zip (71.9 MB)
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part4.zip (66.1 MB)
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part5.zip (14.7 MB)
Lost.s01e13.screencaps.part6.zip (9.50 MB)

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

Space and bandwidth provided by the awesome txvoodoo

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no doubt caps

EDIT: I have just found out that most of the e-mails I have been sending have not been going through. I'm currently working on a website, and all the caps will be hosted there. So sorry for all the confusion; I'll get the caps up ASAP.
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2 requests filled: Daredevil - Elektra necklace & Black and White Ball

mcyummy requested caps from Daredevil of Elektra's necklace. I have 10 DVD caps, not the clearest - whenever it's the focus of a shot, Matt's fingers seem to be on it, but I got what I could. BTW, going frame-by-frame I notice the necklace goes missing during the rooftop fight, so I'm betting the necklace at the end is the same necklace. And while I was at it...

Waaay back on page 8 of the requests thread, la_petite_singe requested caps of the Black & White Ball scene. I've now got 64 DVD caps of that scene up in the same album. All caps are unretouched. Samples & link under the cut.
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