January 17th, 2005

Me (2003)

Dangerous Beauty

Greetings! I just joined this lovely community and had quite the time finding something to cap for you guys. I decided on Dangerous Beauty starring Catherine McCormack, one of my favorite movies.

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Also, I have a decent amount of bandwidth to host either pictures or .zip files for a few people, especially if they can possibly fill one of my requests for me.
Please let me know if you want to post caps and need a stable site to host you.

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Shrek 2 - Human Shrek

Here's 22 caps of human Shrek when he first wakes up (with the three girls) as well as the big finale scene with Fiona, as requested by shampookie.

Comment if you're going to use, credit would be nice but isn't necessary. No hotlinking. Thanks!

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Carnivale, Pilot Episode--Milfay, 936 Caps

I capped the whole pilot episode of Carnival--Milfay. They came out semi decent, my opinion. They are 800 x 450, some came out a bit pixely and some not. You be the judge. They are however, better quality then what I have seen around. I still getting the hang of Power DVD, so bear with me. And enjoy my humble offerings. Zipped in WinRAR. Oh, and these are from capped from a torrent. Not DVD. As I broke, and have no dvds nor dvd rom.

ETA: Rules: Credit, credit, credit makes the world go round. Cross posted at my journal. If the link dies out, I'll upload it again.

936 caps of Milfay

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I just downloaded BSplayer (the free version) and it's not letting me screencap. I right-clicked and went to capture and everything, but it's just not showing up as a JPG anywhere. And I know where it's supposed to be, but it's just not there.

Anyone know what it is? Is it just my computer?

If it is, anyone know of anything else that will let you screencap off a DVD? ;)
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Homicide : the Movie

ayrdaomei ( I hope I spelled that right :/ ) requested Homicide : Life on the Street-esque caps so I offered the movie up a while ago but beterrn YouSendIt hating my dad's comp and not having the file on hand, it's taken me till now to actually upload them. I'm very sorry for the long delay.

365 caps even though I could have sworn I did more.

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Frank side glance

SLC Punk!

Someone (I think it was who_gives_a_fck) requested caps from the movie SLC Punk!
Here they are. All 500 of them.
Comment/ Credit if you use/ Do not hotlink please/ Don't claim as your own either.
Well, that's about it. Hope you'll like them.
Samples behind the cut.
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