January 21st, 2005

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Hi all. *waves*

I'm a newbie, and I think this community is a great idea and in that spirit, I thought I'd post my list of DVDs that I can cap from (I have more, but these seem to be the "Oooh, I have that on DVD too" of the bunch). So, peruse the list and if you want anything capping, let me know.

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Edit: I've been doing some seriously heavy overtime at work and haven't had any time to cap. I have not forgotten about it, but finding time is difficult - I'll cap at the weekend. Sorry to anyone waiting on caps.
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Point Pleasant - 1x02 - 'Human Nature'

I've got a little over 690 screencaps all sized 624x352 of Point Pleasant - 1x02 - 'Human Nature', including the opening credits. You can download them here (right click save, please).

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I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or cap_it if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy!

Also, I editted my last Point Pleasant post, the zip is now hosted on my server so you guys don't have to worry about it going down.
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Urban Legend

I just finished capping the movie Urban Legend :D A good portion of the caps are of Michael Rosenbaum's character but some of the other actors may have snuck into the captures at well ;) There is a sample capture behind the lj-cut

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The rest of the captures (along with some caps from a deleted scene) can be found at Resplendence Image Archive :) Be sure to credit me if you use them.
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I just downloaded the trial of PowerDVD (to see if I like it) and I went through the installation and registration blah blah, I opened it up put the dvd in and pressed play... It said No Disk in Drive D:, (not quite sure what drive d is) but I put it in where normally you would put a cd or computer game in. So basically it didnt work, then I tried putting a dvd in, I closed it put the dvd in then opened the program, nothing worked. So if you have PowerDVD 6.0 would you help me?