January 22nd, 2005

Sydney Bristow

Alias - Episode 4x04 - HDTV Screencaps

Screencaps for ALIAS episode 4x04, "Ice."

1802 total caps, 1280x720 pixels, zipped jpegs broken apart by act. I think there are fewer repeat and unusable caps this week, which would account for the lower number and more managable file sizes. Heh.

And now sample caps:
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The Zip Files
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part1.zip (17.0 MB)
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part2.zip (15.5 MB)
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part3.zip (14.1 MB)
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part4.zip (24.9 MB)
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part5.zip (23.9 MB)
Alias.s04e04.screencaps.part6.zip (23.2 MB)

Just a note, there were several weather advisories, so there are two spots that it jumps from high definition to standard definition. It's not as bad as with "Authorized Personnel Only" and the caps are still included. I believe this occurs when Sydney first arrives in Montenegro and is being shown around and again at the end right before the fight.

LOST caps, for those interested, should follow tomorrow.

Comment and credit are appreciated. Space and bandwidth, again, provided by the awesome txvoodoo

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american dad - phantom roger

My DVD List

I'll start taking requests to cap any dvds in my collection, since I got a dvd-rom for my computer. Please be as SPECIFIC as you can - particular scenes, characters, etc. If you request caps from any TV seasons I have, please say which episode.

Take note that some of the dvds I have are being loaned to friends, but I should have them back soon.

My DVD collection
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Monk: Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather

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This is an episode from the first half of Season 3. If I get the chance I will cap the new episode, "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring," tomorrow night when it airs again.

There's 120 caps for your viewing pleasure. Comment if you're going to take; credit is nice but not necessary. And no hotlinking!

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Ville Valo of HIM caps

framedinblood requested some Ville Valo caps, so I went to my HIM Video Collection and took 95 of them. They're from the music videos for Buried Alive By Love, Gone With the Sin, Heartache Every Moment, In Joy and Sorrow, Join Me in Death, Right Here In My Arms, The Funeral of Hearts, The Sacrament, and Wicked Game. All of are Ville Valo (*swoons*).

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Please credit alazysod_icons or alazysod in your userinfo, at your resource page, or wherever it is you credit. :) Thanks!

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Popular Screencaps Episodes 1x17-22

Lord of the Files (330 caps)
Ch-Ch-Changes (385 caps)
Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle (364)
We Are Family (310)
What Makes Sammy Run (266)
Two Weddings and a Funeral (417)

[YOUSENDIT LINKS, but I WILL REUPLOAD when asked] Same as before, all screencaptures are 1024x768 and in .jpg format. There are a couple that are slightly blurry but they resize really well.

Follow the fake cut.....

Dr. Jack

Lost Episode 14 Screencaps - HDTV

Screencaps for LOST episode 14, "Special."

2208 caps this week, all high definition (except for one spot, see note below), zipped jpegs separated by act.

Sample caps behind the cut:

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The Zip Files:
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part1.zip (26.0 MB)
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part2.zip (20.5 MB)
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part3.zip (35.5 MB)
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part4.zip (23.0 MB)
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part5.zip (29.6 MB)
Lost.s01e14.screencaps.part6.zip (12.3 MB)

We had several weather advisories again this week. Fortunately it only occured once during LOST, so there's only one place where it jumps from high definition to standard definition. It happens I think right at the beginning of zip five. I still included the caps from there.

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

Space and bandwidth provided by the awesome txvoodoo

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flux ( aeon corner ) © kurogane

Fast and the Furious/ Gone in 60 Seconds?

I capped Gone in 60 Seconds a few weeks ago for whatever reason. I guess a combo of boredom and future graphic use. So my first question was if anyone else was interested. It spans the whole thing, has 2076 caps and the zip is about 16 MB.

My second question is whether anyone was interested in caps of the Fast and the Furious? I'm a Michelle Rodriguez fan and wanted to make an icon set from the movie but if anyone else wanted caps I was just going to do the whole thing. It's not like the movie's that long.
Me - Red

Beauty and the Beast Full movie 859 images

Well I went and edited these caps a little and zipped them up in to smaller sets of 100 images each. the are now hosted on my server so they shouldn't expire any more lol.

details: 1000x548 I cropped the black borders out. 859 images in all.

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xx Credit is welcomed (like linking my username)
xx Comment if you take (helps me know I am not wasting my time)
xx Don't offer these caps as your own or direct link to them (link to the post not the zips)
xx If you use them I would love to see :)

(Gallery) with thumbnails. seems to be a bit temperamental with firefox. I hope to get a chance to redo it and split up the gallery in to section. I uploaded the cropped images here as well.

(beautybeast_1.zip) 6.5mb 002-099
(beautybeast_2.zip) 5.2mb 100-199
(beautybeast_3.zip) 4.4mb 200-299
(beautybeast_4.zip) 4.5mb 300-399
(beautybeast_5.zip) 4.3mb 400-499
(beautybeast_6.zip) 4.9mb 500-599
(beautybeast_7.zip) 4.8mb 600-699
(beautybeast_8.zip) 4.6mb 700-799
(beautybeast_9.zip) 3.0mb 800-859
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(no subject)

I feel like being helpful and i couldn't find anything else i could do on the requests so i thought i would post my DVD list
I will cap specific scenes or people if not in the film loads, but im sorry i won't cap entire movies because im too lazy lol (also if its in the memories already obviously there is no point, so no LOTR or pirates of the caribbean requests please lol)

ok that said my list is here, thanks :)... DVD'S this way
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Kristen Bell

2 Fast 2 Furious - Part 1 of 2

Here's the first half of 2 Fast 2 Furious caps featuring Paul Walker, Tyrese, Eva Mendes, Ludacris and more. Included are chapters 3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, and 17.

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Zip files are currently unavailable. They will be available when I'm completely done with the movie (in the next few days.)

You can find the caps at CinematicVisions.Net
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