January 23rd, 2005

lok and guin

Gia caps

backinblack requested caps from the drugs-in-the-bathroom scene of Gia. I believe I've capped the correct part (or at least I hope so!). There are roughly 180 caps here. They're jpgs and 640x480 in size. They're a bit grainy but that's the way my DVD is, so...

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Since I'm too lazy to upload each picture one by one, I've put them in five zip files. Please RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE.


I also lumped all the zips into one file if you prefer to download them this way:

Commenting and credit is nice but I won't cry if you don't. It'd be cool to at least link to this community, though.

If anyone else is interested, I can cap the entire movie. Just comment and let me know.
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The West Wing

This is my first entry in this community. I do a fair bit of capping, so I just thought I'd post my information here.

I've been capping Season 6 of TWW along with a scant number of episodes from the other 5 seasons.

Galleries and zip packs can be found on my Website, Screenmusings.net

Here is a small sample from the most recent to air, Collapse )
Music is my BF


I rented The Company for the night, so if anyone wants caps, just leave a comment of a certain scene, or if you want caps from the whole movie just say so.
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Gone in 60 Seconds

Okay, so I lied. When I looked at the folder with the caps, I only saw one zip file at the top because I hadn't renamed the rest. x__x

2075 caps in all; the whole movie. Seven caps and three samples beneath the cut.

Please comment if taking and credit for using them would be nice.

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Request filling: Skye Sweetnam, "Billy S."

sullyvann requested (p.36) caps of two Skye Sweetnam videos, "Billy S." and "Tangled Up In Me." sniffmarkers promised to do "Tangled," so I've done 90 320x240 caps of "Billy S." (sullyvann asked for just Skye images, but I just can't do part of a music vid - I always feel honor-bound to do the whole thing on something that short - so there's some images from "How to Deal" in there as well. Hey, if nothing else, I liked the framing of the laptop screen on those images!) Caps are unretouched. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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Request filling: BtVS "Chosen," end sequences

I needed some caps of the Buffy finale for a wallpaper project I'm working on, & recalled some requests for same in the requests thread. boredfairy wanted the flamey handclasp (p. 21) and I can't for the life of me find it now, but somebody else wanted the cast standing at the edge of the crater looking hopeful at the end.

So anyway, I capped the last 3 chapters of the Chosen DVD from the s7 box set. I have 368 DVD caps up on photobucket, unretouched. Reason it's so many is I did frame-by-frame sequences for minimovie possibilities - #118-194 are of the non-flamey handclasp, #197-255 are the flamey handclasp, and - hee! - #313-329 are the Welcome to Sunnydale sign falling into the crater (gotta do something with that one myself). You could probably also minimovie Spike dusting, though I wasn't as obsessive-compulsive about that one. Of course photobucket is going to have rearranged the caps, so look out for sequence numbers. Multiple character deaths included. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit etc. Damn this was a good episode. Damn this was a good show. Damn you UPN! ::shakes fist heavenward::
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(no subject)

I've been lurking here for awhile.. and I was gonna ask if anyone wanted caps.. BUT I just had to delete everything off of my computer and then restore it. So I don't have the same copy of Ulead DVD Player that took FOREVER to find that wasn't a trial. So if anyone has this could you please please send me a link to it?! thanks so much

my names Jenny by the way!
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Request filling: Raymond, Will & Grace, the Practice

palmaceae requested caps from the seldom-capped series Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, and the Practice (p.21). I admit I'm not a fan of any of those, but I dl'd a random episode of each and capped away. I *think* all these caps are HDTV. 56 Raymond caps at 624x352, 46 Will & Grace caps (with bonus Jeff Goldblum caps!) at 624x352, and 65 Practice caps at 320x238.

50thousandtearz didn't specify which Practice cast she wanted, so I capped a season 1 ep (minus Lara Flynn Boyle, who doesn't happen to be in this ep) and am trying to download a current-season ep now. I'll update the album with James Spader and William Shatner as soon as I can, but I wanted to get the request off the thread. All caps unretouched. Samples & links under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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