January 24th, 2005


Desperate Housewives episode 13

yay i am totally on top of these this week!!

Zip file here
Photobucket account here password: sword

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p.s i recognise the blokey playing Lynettes father in law...i think it may be from Missmatch (whatever happened to Missmatch, i liked that show) but i'm not sure.

Comments & credit gratefully accepted :)
Please see http://www.moonlitgraphics.co.uk for all my other DH caps of previous episodes or check memories here in cap_it
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free servers with FTP

Anyone out there knows a good free server with FTP?
I was using t35.com but something happened and I just can't connect my ftp account any longer...

I have a thousand of caps here waiting to be shown.... and no thanks.... I HATE Photobucket where caps are concerned....
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Carnivale Screencaps: 1 X 02: After the Ball is Over

Capped Carnivale, episode 2--Season 1: After the Ball is Over. Tech. these are HDTV or so it says. But since I'm enlarging them, they lose a bit of quality or so I've noticed. But I have worked with them in a recent college piece, and they worked very well for me. Was surprised how well. A little bit use of the blur tool fixes the pixely bit. And resizing works too.

667 Caps of After the Ball is Over

Credit: Capped by cassiee

Oh, and I remembered to zipped them, instead of placing them in RAR archive. So any one should be able to open them with no troubles or worries, etc, etc.

Maybe up tomorrow are last night's caps.

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Edit: 3-10-05-Reuploaded
http://s31.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2OARYZDQUSV3Y3QRPXTQSPBA5Q -- After the Ball is Over
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Hey :D remember me? I am the girl who was capping season 1 of Alias in HQ, and in whole zips? (example of my work: Alias 1x01 caps )

well, I do want to continue with that, and I had a deal with refche but I think she had problems with her account.. And like I said, I had run out of my space on my domain, and I wonder if anyone can help me with this.. Every episode takes 15megabytes at most, and I do know how to use FTP :D

I hope we can do this..
kaylee parasol

Request filling redux: late-season "The Practice"

As promised, some caps of most of the current cast of "The Practice," from the s8 ep "War of the Roses." 85 HDTV caps, 624x352, plenty of Spader and Shatner. Unretouched. Placed in the same photobucket album as the season 1 caps, look for practice-s8 in the filenames. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit etc.
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