January 26th, 2005


A Very Long Engagement

Here are screencaptures of the wonderful Jean Pierre Jeunet movie "A Very Long Engagement" ("Un long dimanche de fiançailles") featuring Audrey Tautou. LOTS of caps (3656 exactly - it's a long movie) in 13 zip files. Enjoy!!

Please comment if you download, and then credit if/when you use the caps, either in your user info, resource post, in your actual post, or all at the same time. It doesn't matter as long as it's credited somewhere :P

{ teaser caps and download links here }

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (225 caps)

Being the crazed Jude Law fan I am, the instant Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow came out on DVD (yesterday) I had to run out to the video store and buy it. All right, it isn't only because I'm a crazed fan... it's really an excellent film, and I completely recommend it.

Film: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Angelina Jolie
Number of Caps: 225

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Please consider linking back to this post, or crediting my LJ, if you use these caps around here or elsewhere! ♥
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I capped Who Framed Roger Rabbit if anyone is interested! There's 1,122 caps in all and I'm storing them over at good ole' photobucket.

The folder is here.
There's no password, as it's public.

Do whatever you want with them, but if you use them on a website or for a layout or something credit would be nice.

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Unreleased movie caps.

I have a question. I'm new obviously and don't really know how the rules go with caps for movies that aren't out yet. It's not a pirated copy, I just work at Blockbuster and rent movies a week or two before they're out. Right now I'm capping The Grudge, and I might do Mulan 2 later on, neither of which are released until next Tuesday. Should I just keep those to myself until Tuesday or is it okay to put them out for others to use before then? Does it matter that The Grudge had a theatrical release and Mulan 2 is a Disney straight to video? (Disney scares me, they have eyes everywhere! And lawyers! They're worse than Microsoft!)
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rules of attraction

i just picked up the movie rules of attraction with shannyn sossamon, james van der beek, ian somerhalder, kate bosworth ect.., in the $5.00 bin at walmart, i am gonna watch it tonite, any interest in caps of this movie?

edit i will cap it tomorrow!!
satan wears a miniskirt

The Grudge

I have seriously been working on this all day and I've finally finished capping The Grudge.

Here you go.

Over 600 caps of the movie, plus special features, and because I'm a huge geek there are a few animated gifs in there too. O_O I'll probably add to the gifs later but I think I'm going to do something else for a little while... like eat or sleep or something.

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Chicken Little Trailer

I had this book when I was little that I would read like every frickin day. -.- SO!

107 caps from the trailer ( with 12 from the teaser that I was too lazy to delete ) in a 4.4 MB zip file.

Please comment if taking, credit is nice if you're going to use them.

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Peter hat spin

Disney's Fantasia

I have 374 caps of the original Disney's Fantasia. I rented it to icon it, but haven't gotten around to it. Now I'm not sure if I'll have time before returning it. So I did a quick cap just to get something out of it. I finally signed up for another photobucket account.

As always, please comment if taking, please credit if using, and please no hotlinking. :)

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My cap collection.
flux ( aeon corner ) © kurogane

the Tea Party : Temptation video

I treated myself to the music video collection dvd by the Tea Party. They happen to be one of my three absolute favorite bands so I had to cap some of it for icons and such. I'm not sure if anyone else likes them so i thought I would throw this out there to get a feel for whether I should post others or not.

161 caps from the Temptation video in a 15 mb zip ( my first time batch converting in psp 8 so I wasn't able to get them smaller like I usually do, sorry :/ ).

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