January 27th, 2005

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I know these posts suck, and I'm sorry, but about a month or so ago someone posted caps of 'Collateral' and I was wondering if anyone knew where they were? I checked the memories but it's not in there. I just saw the movie for the second time earlier today and I'm now in the icon making mood :)

And just so this isn't a completely horrible post, I'll have caps of 'One Tree Hill' - 2x11 tomorrow, 'Point Pleasant' - 1x03 Friday and some misc Teen Titan caps early next week/later this week. Also, does anyone want caps of 'Mulan', 'My Neighbor Totoro' (has subtitles so there will be text on the bottom), or 'Hercules' (disney movie, not the TV show)? I'd be willing to cap them if anyone wants some.
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Mushroomhead : Solitaire Unraveling

For astinboy84 312 caps from Mushroomhead's Solitaire Unraveling. I got confused during the thread but when I got the file and saw the name, it explained a whole lot. XD

Anyway, I have to go to work so I don't have time for sample files but if you want me to redo them, I can. I did them about full screen as asked but it's not perfect quality. Just let me know how they go.

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The Young Ones: 1.1 - Demolition

Since I finally received The Young Ones DVDs in the mail, I'll be screencapping every episode when I get the chance. NO HOTLINKING, credit is required and comments are adored. Let me know if you'd like a zip file for these and I'll get one put up on YouSendIt for the time being (my host doesn't allow zip files). If there's an episode you'd like capped first, just let me know what the name of the episode is (it's been ages since I actually saw it, so an example of a scene might not help) and I'll see if I can get it done.

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Jump5 - Do Ya music video

Jump5 isn't very well known..and I know no one requested it..but I got bored one day...and screen capped it cause the music video has such vibrant colors and such..and the coolest thing is that they perform on top/inside The Standard Hotel in LA, CA .. and yeah.. (Also, I'm new to the community, so I'm sorry if I'm breaking a rule or something like that..)

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MYYYY Doctor


i run two capping communities. one is conancapsdaily where i cap episodes of late night with conan obrien everyday. and one i just started called whoselinecaps where i cap episodes of whose line is it anyway... someone told me that you guys might be interested over here so id thought id post about them
Snow White peaceful - by me

Mary Poppins

I've been slowly trying to correct the lack of Disney movie caps available, and as my lovely friend Tahri got me this movie for Christmas, I couldn't let it go upcapped.

Unfortunately, somewhere around an hour in, the computer quit playing it. At all. So I have about half the movie capped. Hopefully, this will be enough for now. I hope to try to finish capping it on another computer later on. I also didn't have enough room on my new photobucket account for the caps, so there's just the zip for now.

As always, please comment if taking, please credit if using, and please no hotlinking. :)

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My cap collection.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I added the zip file to the Fantasia caps I posted yesterday. :)

Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff - Our Lips are Sealed

I've capped the entire video for Our Lips Are Sealed. Here are a couple caps so you can see the approximate quality of the caps:

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Please note, the examples here are in .JPEG format so they fit full size (that's the size of all the original caps - 720x480) in Photobucket. All the caps I can send are in their original .BMP form for the best quality. There are 415 files total, and I've broken them down into 4 zipped folders. Each folder of course has about 100 files in it, and all are under 40MB in size. If you're interested in the rest of the video, please drop me a line at (or leave a note here if you'd like):

If there's a specific part of the video you'd like to see capped (either you don't like the existing quality, or you'd like more caps of it) you can let me know and I can send those too. Oh, and the caps were made from the actual Our Lips Are Sealed video from the A Cinderella Story DVD (as opposed to an AVI downloaded file). Just let me know if you'd like certain ones. I also own the Hilary Duff: All Access Pass and Learning to Fly DVD's if you'd like other things capped. Thanks!