January 31st, 2005

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the Land Before Time

1527 caps from the entire movie. Each cap is 720 x 540 and are all broken down into five zip files ( 350 a piece save for the last one ).

Just as a little note, my computer and I were bitch fighting yesterday so I honestly don't know how the caps managed to get jumbled around but, er, they're not in order. In fact, it looks like you put them in a cup, shook them around, and threw them back in the folder. Sorry about that. It might have something o do with this virtual memory thinger that keeps popping up but I am not a hardware person.

Either way! Please comment if taking and credit if using. I rarely ask for credit but these were such a pain that it would be really damn nice. XD Also, no hotlinking to the zip files.

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[misc] my beach

Spider-man 2

Well, after doing the first one, I capped a few from the second as well, because my PowerDVD free trial ends soon and I wanted to get all the movies I loved before it had to go.

I mostly just capped minor characters...there's a few of Rosie, quite a lot of Ursula (I capped the whole chocolate-cake giving scene) and one of the girl in the office who may or may not be Gwen. But there's lots of Peter in there too, and a couple of the opening credits.

Credit if you take!

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Here they are
Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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Fantasia 2000 - The Firebird Suite

I did around a hundred large screencaps of Fantasia 2000 coming from the sequence of "The Firebird Suite." I took them to make these icons, and then decided to post the whole group publically.

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I don't have the bandwidth to host this file, so I've done two YouSendIt uploads for the zip. Please comment when you take these, but I don't really care about credit for screencaps.

Link 1 | Link 2
Jack Tripper

Three's Company - Complete First Season - 6 episodes

I went ahead and re did the first episode and I think they came out much better after I finished with the other eps, Granted It is also fewer caps. I will keep the caps from my (Old post) up for a while longer ( another week or so).

about the caps all are 600x463, converted to Jpg. and I cropped out most if not all the black borders. Orginal sizes of these caps 1024 x768 are available by request.
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xx Credit is welcomed (like linking my username)
xx Comment if you take (helps me know I am not wasting my time)
xx Don't offer these caps as your own or direct link to them (link to the post not the zips)
xx If you use them I would love to see :)

Next dvd will be Tuck everlasting
(My dvd list) If you have a request post it there.

EDIT.... I will get to season 2 and 3 of three's company soon as well.
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(no subject)

Hey all,
Sorry if this post isn't allowed...you can just delete it.
I heard that you can take caps with Windows Media Player 10...is this true? If so, does anyone know how to do it?
Help would be adored!
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Request filling: Addams Family Values

littlejewlost requested caps of Wednesday at Camp Chippewa (p.40). I have 117 DVD caps, unretouched, of the Camp Chippewa scenes, the wedding scene, Pugsley in his turkey suit (coz I couldn't resist), the Camp Chippewa Massacre and the kiss through the fence. Also extensive caps of Wednesday's attempt to smile after brainwashing, Disney-style. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit etc.
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Alice - Cheshire Dark Teeth

Cap_it FAQ?

I think a past mod may have started one awhile back, but I can't find it so I'm thinking about making a community FAQ in an attempt to lower the number of repeat questions posted to the community. I can come up with some of the questions myself (like "Why won't my Dell copy of PowerDVD cap?") but need help coming up with others and good clear answers for them.

So if you can think of a good question to add to a FAQ and a good answer for it (even links to tutorials), comment about it here. I'm not sure when I'll have time to get it set up and posted, but at least I'll have a good start on it. When it's posted it'll be linked on the comm info page and added to the memories. Please include the answer if you can, as I don't know everything. :)

Questions will still be allowed, but hopefully it'll cut down on them a little. :)
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Request filling: Matrix Revolutions

There've been 2 recent requests for bits of Matrix Revolutions. so_ducky (p. 37) wanted Trinity's death scene and Neo being blinded; aoudakau (p.40) wanted caps of Bane. Since the two main Bane scenes lead in to the blinding scene, I decided to dig out my DVD and cap those sections. I have 86 unretouched caps of the interrogation, the doctor's death, the fight and blinding scene, and Trinity's death. If something you guys are looking for isn't in there, let me know and I'll make another pass at it. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit etc.
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10th Kingdom interest?

EDIT #2: Caps are located here. :)

EDIT: I found a lovely host *huggles* MUCH love for kellsta! Keep an eye out in this community (or my journal) for a post with the caps :) Thank you so much!

(Apologies if this type of post isn't allowed. Feel free to delete this if so.)

Hello! I made some 3,000+ caps of The 10th Kingdom (probably too big of a focus on Wolf XD) and I wanted to know if anyone is interested in them? There's not enough 10k love, methinks. I plan to provide them in .zip files, buuuut have a slight problem in that I have no where to host them (I don't have enough space or bandwidth on my own domain =( ) The aspect ratio is also off, and I'll have to resize them using some sort of batch converter...

*getting sidetracked already* Eep! Well, my main question is if there's anyone out there willing to host the caps? *smiles* Right now it's over 150MB, without having resized them. I don't know how much it'll be afterwards =X And yeah, since I'm on dial-up, it would take me a while to upload them, hee. I just wanted to get some feedback first in order to determine whether or not it would be worthwhile to spend time getting the caps up *nods*

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If you can't host but want the caps, please comment to let me know =] If there's a big enough interest but no one can host, I'll try to find a way to get them up.

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Caps: The Last Unicorn

ruuk asked last week for some Last Unicorn caps. I've finally had chance to make them. Download the zip file here. There are 429 caps, and the file is 22.2MB zipped up.

Edited 3 June 2006: Caps have been moved, the link now works.

As an off-topic quick note, I'm thrilled to see that a chunk of the main cast of the animated movie (Christopher Lee, Angela Lansbury, Mia Farrow and Rene Auberjonois) will be returning to make the live action version that will be released next year. I'm thrilled. I'm also thrilled with the casting as regards to Schmendrick, though if you want to debate this, post over at my personal journal, rather than cluttering up this one!

A sample cap is below the cut.

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Other Requests:
+ irda asked for caps from The Hole, I have over 250 on my computer, all from before joining this community. All have been resized a little (but are still fairly large) and have had the settings played with a little for a clearer and cleaner look to the cap. Is it acceptable to post them here, rather than capping again from scratch?

+ silvernails asked for caps of the Witch in her carriage and some of Aslan from the Tales of Narnia series. I will do this tomorrow. hereiam12 asked for caps throughout. I'm afraid I'm going to have to back out of that, because at the moment, there is absoultely no way that I will find enough time to go through nine hours worth of film for caps on that. My apologies. Maybe when I have more time I can do an episode by episode cap.

+ I will be grabbing a few caps of the young Merlin and Nimue for psychme and irda asap as they only want a couple of caps.

+ sistahraven asked for specific caps from The Commitments, so that should be easier to fill than entire movies.

+ julietnromeo asked for caps from Cabin Fever and Field of Dreams, so again, full-length films will have to wait until I get out of work on time.

I'm really sorry it's taking so long to get everything done. But... lawyers are evil.
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Legend - Director's Cut

Here are 1,084 caps from the Director's Cut of Legend, starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. All are 852x480, and have had nothing done to them except conversion from bmps to jpgs. There are probably more from the scenes towards the beginning of the movie, because I got a bit more discerning with what I kept and what I threw out towards the end, but there should be enough from which you can pick. However, if you still want more from a particular scene, go ahead and ask, and I'll do my best (some scenes were near impossible to cap well because of action and/or darkness).

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Enjoy!

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