February 1st, 2005

james with guns

Queer as Folk

I have some caps from the US version of Queer as Folk.

138 here from Season One, Episode Six.

I love comments, and credit is nice but not necessary if you use any.

It feels good to be back :-)
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I have a copy of the Elektra movie in my possession until Thursday so I was wondering if anyone wanted caps from it. There are just 2 problems. One...they are crap, for obvious reasons. Two, there are spanish subtitles burned into the layers meaning I can not turn them off even if I prayed to every diety in existence. They will work for icons, though. Chances are you will not get wallpapers or large graphics out of them but if there is an interest regardless of the copy's faults then I will post them. I'm not doing the whole movie, though, just character shots.

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Let me know and based on response I will decide what to do.
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Tutorial - Batch Cropping Images using Irfanview

I took a brake from capping to write a quick tutorial. This has been cross posted from my LJ. Enjoy...
Please bare with me this is the first time I have written a tutorial.

Some of you may already know how to use Irfanview  to batch convert images to jpg files and resize images I will cover how to do that along with how to crop out the black borders you get when you do screen captures. Cropping will give your caps a cleaner look and you will get a slightly smaller file by cropping.

  I will be including images and will be as detailed as possible. So even if you have never used Irfanview you'll be able to crop :) 

Before After
 Before       After

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314 Suicide Circle;

Here are 314 fairly large caps of the Japanese horror film: Suicide Circle.
Also known as Suicide Club.
Also known as 自殺サークル.

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I don't have a permanent place for these, so unless someone wants to host them, they'll be gone in a few days.
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