February 2nd, 2005

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Drawn Together 1x05 - The Other Cousin

bringer requested some caps of the show 'Drawn Together.' I used to have all the episodes on my computer, but I deleted them because I needed the space. So, I just downloaded the first episode I found and capped it as thoroughly as I could. If there's interest in having the rest of the episodes capped, though, I'd be happy to do it. These aren't perfect quality, but they're decent, and the little Comedy Central logo in the corner doesn't obstruct much. The show contains a lot of adult content, and some potentially offensive humor, so consider yourself warned (the samples are work safe, though.)

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Comments are greatly appreciated, credit is wonderful but not absolutely necessary, hotlinking is evil.
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satan wears a miniskirt

Mulan 2 (first half)

I was able to cap the first half of Mulan 2. I'll have to wait for the second half though, sorry! But there's 500 caps already... because I realize I take WAY too many!

The Photobucket gallery is: here.

Sorry, no zips basically because I have nowhere to host it, and it takes long enough shoving those in a Photobucket folder. I have samples though!

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My next project is capping Saw.
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Tuck Everlasting - Whole movie 603 images

Another set of caps. these were requested by shirehobbit2002

Details: All images are 1000x429, converted to jpg and the black borders have been cropped out. the focus was mostly on Jesse and Winnie but I have included all of the other characters as well.

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xx Credit is welcomed (like linking my username)
xx Comment if you take (helps me know I am not wasting my time)
xx Don't offer these caps as your own or direct link to them (link to the post not the zips)
xx If you use them I would love to see :)

(tuck_1.zip) 4.4mb 000-099
(tuck_2.zip) 4.5mb 100-199
(tuck_3.zip) 4.6mb 200-299
(tuck_4.zip) 3.0mb 300-399
(tuck_5.zip) 3.8mb 400-499
(tuck_6.zip) 3.5mb 500-603

Next up..... Hairspray (it wasn't requested but I love this movie and I have access to the DVD)
flux ( aeon corner ) © kurogane


568 caps in a 18 MB zip file from the entire movie. If anyone read my last post regarding this then let me just add to it. I tried going around the subtitles as best I could and only capped what I thought would be best suited for icons such as closer up shots and whatnot. In the beginning I was capping like I normally do, to do the whole thing. Then I realized how off the contrast and brightness were and this is what I came up with.

My current icon was made from a cap so they're not bad for it. I included the cap as a sample so you can see the transformation. It just takes a few blasts of lovely Sharpen. ;D

Credit would be nice but either way, comments are lovely. My one rule is no hotlinking and even if I don't say it everytime, it should be a given.

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Also, another of my never ending questions. Am I the only one who like Night Warriors in here? AKA Darkstalkers. I'm capping the first ep ( of the OVA not that crap American cartoon ) and wondered if anyone else would want them.
Frank side glance

The L Word - 1x11 Looking Back

I capped season 1 episode 11 of The L Word (200 caps).
The quality is not really good but it's the best I could come up with considering the file was mpg and not avi.
I downloaded both but the avi looked even more like crap.
I hope you'll be able to use them.
Comment/Credit if you use/No Hotlinking/Don't claim as your own.

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program recommendation?

Could you please recommend me some program to cap avi\mpegs?

I basically need something like PowerDVD or Virtual Dub: it must save files in bmps,
cap every frame if necessary, and have that frame after frame rewind option that both PowerDVD and Virtual Dub have (have no idea how to put that rewind thing in English words, hope you get what I mean).

Problem with PowerDVD is that this rewind option doesn't work in avi\mpeg mode, and Virtual Dub saves image sequence, which is pretty annoying if you cap whole movie.
So, is there any alternative to these programs?
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