February 3rd, 2005


NBC Committed Caps

I've been making caps for the new show Committed. Here's the first 6 eps all zipped.

Comment if you take and credit isn't necessary but it's nice. All I ask is don't claim the caps as your own. Also if you have any requests for scenes that weren't capped please feel free to get in touch with me I'd be more than happy to get that capped for you :)

Pilot Ep

Return of Todd (ep 2)

The Apartment (ep 3)

The Tea Episode

The Morning After Episode

The Birthday Episode

Ep 7 is coming this weekend.

Enjoy! :)
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Hairspray - whole movie - 680 images

These were mostly for my benefit but hey if some can use them feel free.

Details: All images are 800x440 (resized), converted to jpg and the black borders have been cropped out. I have kept the original sized bmp's which are 1024x576 if anyone wants a few in that size just give me the image number and I will upload them for you :)

Collapse )

xx Credit is welcomed (like linking my username)
xx Comment if you take (helps me know I am not wasting my time)
xx Don't offer these caps as your own or direct link to them (link to the post not the zips)
xx If you use them I would love to see :)

(hairspray_1.zip) 4.4mb 000-099
(hairspray_2.zip) 3.9mb 100-199
(hairspray_3.zip) 4.4mb 200-299
(hairspray_4.zip) 3.8mb 300-399
(hairspray_5.zip) 4.7mb 400-499
(hairspray_6.zip) 4.2mb 500-599
(hairspray_7.zip) 3.8mb 600-680

Next up..... hmm I am not really sure lol It's a surprise
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New to capping

Hello. I just got a new laptop that came with PowerDVD 5. It came preloaded on my computer so I didn't get any documentation with it. The "Help" file is so useful. It reinforced several rules of spelling and grammar I was already aware of. Other than the good English, it wasn't very helpful.

Anyone out there know the secret of making caps with this program. I couldn't find any similarities between version 5 and the previous version 4 tutorial that someone so generously provided here.

Can you help a newbie out?
Cheshire Cat

(no subject)

Okay. I have a dilemna. I want to find the Hey ya video to cap on power dvd, but I have no idea how to do this. can someone please make me a step by step tutorial on this? thanks soo much!