February 5th, 2005

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From the Mods : Please Read

Hello all. I wanted to point out a few things as well as pass a reminder since one hasn't been issued in some time.

First, I would like to direct everyone to the userinfo page to re-read the rules. One has been mended due to a request that struck a conversation between us mods. The mended rule reads as follows:

KEEP THIS G-RATED. This extends to both caps and icons alike. Nothing above a rating of "R" will be accepted due to possible age conflictions of members in this community. Posts with nude icons will also not be accepted. If any of your cap content includes nudity ( from an R movie or below ) or gore, put a warning with your post.

We kindly ask you look to another community for ANY of your pornographic needs. There is no age restriction to this community so there is no way to guarantee the younger members won't see it.

I would also like to remind everyone that when requesting PLEASE check the memories to see if what you want has already been done. Recently there have been a mass of requests deleted because it was already filled by a previous post.

So, as a summary. Re-read the rules, no porn, check memories. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something feel free to leave a comment, ask one of the mods, or I would be happy to leave an e-mail address.
Glamour Geek

Pippi Longstocking caps?

Just curious if anyone might be interested in some caps from Pippi Longstocking (from 1969)I got a copy of the non dubbed version and I don't plan on keeping it long since I don't understand Swedish lol. so if there is interest I will post some more.

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