February 6th, 2005

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my DVD list

i checked the memories and only included dvds that weren't listed a lot. very few of mine were. the list isn't big but i only included a few, not counting the other 30 or so i'll list later.

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i'll take the first 8 requests. try and be specific if you don't want the whole dvd randomly capped, or if you only want a certain character/scene. i'll bookmark this page and reply when your caps have been posted to the group.

edit: sorry, had a conflicting number of request numbers there, i will take 8 requests (not just 3 as i also listed before) if i get that many.
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DVD List

I might as well put up my complete DVD list, see if anyone wants anything in particular. It's... quite large, so I didn't go through the memories and dig out the ones that had already been capped. Apologies.

Sorry for the strange divisions, I'm just copying the columns directly from my database.

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I love to cap, as it gives me something to do *g*, so I'll try to get to any requests you might have.
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Chrono Crusade : Ep 02

576 from the second episode. I'm still debating of I want to keep posting caps up here but either way I think I'm going to do an ep of Full Metal Alchemist next. There's like 3 movies I want to do but I haven't been in the mood to do something that long. :/

If anyone's interested, I made a small 9 icons set from the other 2 episodes I capped: here.

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Alice - Cheshire Dark Teeth

Request community now open!


Finally got it all set up, sorry it took so long guys. Membership and posting is open. kurogane did the layout (as well as updating the layout for the main comm) and the rules page, and the new memory mods are such_jaunt, tanizard, withpaperwings_, and shooting__stars.

From now on all requests and DVD lists will be posted to this new community. Please familiarise yourself with the rules there before posting. Unfortunately we can't move all the current requests over there but feel free to rerequest in the new community.

When adding this community, you do not have to add it to your friends list. I know I wouldn't. It stands a very good chance of getting kind of spammy and filling up your friends list, and it would probably be easier to just join and not friend it. :)

Welcome to our new mods and thanks everyone who applied and who helped out with getting it set up.
Coupling - Jeff - Lookin Kinda Cool

Coupling UK 1.03 Sex, Death and Nudity

I thought about doing some Coupling caps a while back but I wasn't sure if there would be much demand. Then I found a request by mi_nion for some caps of the giggle loop and the reservoir dogs walk, so I decided to cap the whole episode. Hopefully mi_nion was talking about UK version :) If anyone wants any more caps from the first season I'd be happy to do them.

Oh, and that "Sex, Death and Nudity" up there is the name of the episode, not a warning - there's actually very little of any of those things in the episode.

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Requested: Se7en

fatally__yoursx asked for some Se7en caps of Brad Pitt looking hot, so here's a bunch. :D There's also a few of the scene where they're all in the car, merely because that's such a great one to do for Film Studies. ;)

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The caps are pretty safe for anyone to view...I think there's only one or two shots that have any blood in them at all.

Enjoy and please credit. :)
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Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Thanks to the wonders of my movie rental place, I now have 539 fullscreen DVD caps from the documentary "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster". This movie amuses me greatly, although I'm not sure why. BTW, this partially fills a request from shardsxofxme on p.40 for SKOM and MTV Icon: Metallica. Oh, and phooey on photobucket for its 500 image per album limit. Samples and link under the cut.
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Miyavi - Pop is Dead

My first post here. Yay. ^^; Anywho, I have sixty odd caps of the music video. They are all 353x288 and the quality ranges from decent to a little better than decent, with a few crappy ones slipped in (my fault, but there's a learning curve). If you're making icons, they can be cleaned up fine. Also, the black border around them is part of the mv (or at least the copy I have). Enjoy.

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