February 9th, 2005

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Request filling: The Golden Child

juanitadark requested this one way back on p. 28 of the old request thread. I finally found it in that last $5.50 Wal-Mart bin hunt. I've always had a soft spot for this movie, which I think is really pretty, especially the Nepal sequences. Somehow I managed to come out with 732 DVD caps. No nudity but some wet-shirt nipplage and undie flashes during kung fu moves. No, that's not a prototype of Jim Carrey's Fireman Bill character in with the bad guys, although it sure looks like it. And I think the little kid playing TGC is adorable. :-) Samples and links under the cut.
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Lenore and Mr. Bear Bear

Xanadu (1980) Olivia Newton-John Gene Kelly

Yes, I know that this movie is cheesetacular. It has a soft spot in my heart from childhood and I couldn't resist buying it. Plus, I think some of the images will make great icons. There's 1246 images posted to my website, The Mad Capper, Here. Please comment if taking, no hotlinking. If anyone wants Zip files post a comment and I'll upload them to my server. =D

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