February 13th, 2005

Scrapbook Kate

Lost Episode 15 Screencaps - HDTV

Screencaps for LOST episode 15, "Homecoming."

1272 caps this week. Standard specs. Missing the first act though. I was having reception problems and unfortunately lost what I had recorded of the first act. But the rest are okay.

Sample caps behind the cut:

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The Zip Files:
Lost.s01e15.screencaps.part1.zip (14.0 MB)
Lost.s01e15.screencaps.part2.zip (16.2 MB)
Lost.s01e15.screencaps.part3.zip (21.6 MB)
Lost.s01e15.screencaps.part4.zip (12.9 MB)
Lost.s01e15.screencaps.part5.zip (16.5 MB)

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

Space and bandwidth provided by the awesome txvoodoo

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West Side Story Part 1

I have a few hundred (I forget the exact number) caps of the first half of West Side Story, up to the balcony scene.

Download Zip File Here

The caps will be up for 7 days or 25 downloads. The quality should be good because I was capping off the brand new DVD.

I probably will not get to cap the rest of the movie, seeing as how I need to use my brother's computer and he uninstalled his DVD player so I couldn't use it.

But anyway, enjoy the caps and please credit me if you use them.

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Singin' In The Rain- "Good Morning", "Moses Supposes", and Kathy's Green Leaf Dress

As requested by cimness, some more Singin' In The Rain caps: this time, from the songs "Moses Supposes", "Good Morning" and a few of Kathy's green leaf dress. As before, please comment if taking; credit is nice, but not mandatory; and please, no hotlinking!

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Any more requests from the movie are, again, welcome. :)
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Michael Murphy - So Damn Beautiful

I have this awful habit of making absolutely useless things for public use. In this case, it's screencaps from the music video for NZ Idol runner-up Michael Murphy's debut single, So Damn Beautiful. Yeah, I'm not expecting anyone to use these.

There's 120 768x576 JPG caps. They have not been modified in any way, so they still have that black border around them and some of them I think probably still have random lime green dots on. Some of the caps have dodgy lighting, that was in the video and not my fault.

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PhotoBucket album's here, enjoy.
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Request filling: "Practical Magic," Goran Visnjic scenes

safarigrrrl requested caps of Goran Visnjic scenes from Practical Magic. Took FTP forever to get them up on photobucket tonight, but I now have 58 widescreen DVD caps up, unretouched as usual. My, he's a hottie, but why does he always seem to be playing jerks every time I see him? Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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