February 20th, 2005

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A Walk In The Clouds

[Edit] Capped 56 images

I just got this movie today and was wondering if anyone was interested in any caps from it? I'm free to do some so let me know if you are.

Please, no entire movie requests though (time restrictions).

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[Brit&Justin] let you down


45 caps from the movie "Saw". DEFINITE SPOILERS. don't look unless you've seen the movie or don't mind having it completely ruined for you. (take my advice: definitely watch the movie first!)

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kaylee parasol

Request filling: CSI s2e8, "Slaves of Las Vegas"

justahousecat requested caps of CSI s2 ep 8 "Slaves of Las Vegas", specifically the A plot, the Sandbox Girl murder. I went ahead and capped the whole ep, but went heavier on the A plot - more visual. Plenty of Marg Helgenberger, plenty of William Peterson, plenty of guest star Melinda Clarke, some of Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan, as many as I could get of Stacy Dash. From a downloaded HDTV clip, 335 caps, 640x368, unretouched. Warnings: some nudity of the dead kind (I think I kept nipplage out of it but can't swear to it), some fetish/S&M club imagery. Oh, and of course photobucket's scrambled the order. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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st tos: kirk/spock

Futurama: Amazon Women In The Mood

The plan is to cap all of Futurama, but since I have lent Volumes 1 & 2 to friends, I'm starting with Volume 3. So, I bring you: Amazon Women In The Mood.

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The ZIP is on YouSendIt, as I have no webspace, so it'll go down after a week. Just tell me when it goes down and I'll reupload it! Don't RightClickSave, just click.

ZIP - 12.9MB, 270 caps
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Just Breathe

Alias - Episode 4x07 - HDTV Screencaps

Screencaps for ALIAS episode 4x07, "Détente."

1521 caps, all HDTV at 1280x720 pixels, jpegs zipped based on act. The standard. Again, fewer useless/repeat caps. A few more than last week though.

And now sample caps:
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The Zip Files
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part1.zip (20.2 MB)
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part2.zip (19.2 MB)
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part3.zip (16.2 MB)
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part4.zip (24.2 MB)
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part5.zip (15.9 MB)
Alias.s04e07.screencaps.part6.zip (9.28 MB)

They're...late. I got Wonderfalls and couldn't stop watching it. :/ LOST caps tomorrow, though.

Comment and credit are appreciated. Space and bandwidth, again, provided by the awesome txvoodoo

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