February 21st, 2005

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csi:ny 1.10 and 1.15

i've posted some (fifteen and nine, i think) caps of the csi:ny episodes 1.10 and 1.15 here and here respectively.  each is of a specific scene and the caps are interspersed with a slash recap.

if there's interest in more caps of the episode comment--i have a lot more that i could zip and upload.
Glamour Geek

Request Filled: Numb3rs - 1x05 - Prime Suspect

This was requested by taintedreject   

I capped this on Saturday but since the only program I use is Power DVD I didn't know it didn't like Avi files :\ anyways I ended up capping it again today using BS player.

Details: all caps are 624x352 (I didn't know how to adjust it in BS player), Jpg's , I separated them by commercial brakes.

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xx Credit is welcomed (like linking my username)
xx Comment if you take (helps me know I am not wasting my time)
xx Don't offer these caps as your own or direct link to them (link to the post not the zips)
xx If you use them I would love to see :)

( I miss numbered the files a bit , so the files in zip one and 2 both start at 000 but they are different)
(numb3rs-1x05_1.zip) 2.2mb 000-053
(numb3rs-1x05_2.zip) 1.8mb 000-049
(numb3rs-1x05_3.zip) 1.8mb 050-102
(numb3rs-1x05_4.zip) 1.4mb 103-147
(numb3rs-1x05_5.zip) 2.1mb 148-209
kaylee parasol

Batman Begins - Super Bowl commercial

Sometimes when you're wandering around the p2p nets, you'll find an unexpected treasure. One of my favorite things is to do a video search on the searchword "hdtv" and see what's out there. That's how I found a very large hi-def clip of the Batman Begins spot that played during the Super Bowl. Unfortunately I don't have a program that will allow me to go frame-by-frame on an .avi, but I do have 31 caps of random images, 1024x576 letterboxed, from the clip, up on photobucket. Unretouched. Samples and link under the cut.
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