February 22nd, 2005



I'm not sure if this is allowed, and if it's not, feel free to delete it (or I can, either way), but I need some HELP! First off, to take screencaps, you press shft+prnt scrn, right? Well, if that's right, WHY WON'T IT WORK?! I mean...If it's not a video, it works, go figure. Everytime I paste it in whatever program I'm using, it shows up, but when you crop it/resize it, it disappears, and all you see is the black backdrop behind the video, UNLESS you move the image box around, which isn't very helpful at ALL when you save it, just so you know...I've tried to use Kazaa, Windows Media Player, Launch, and Real Player for videos, but it does the same thing for all of them (I use PSP8, and sometimes irfanviewer to paste and save and whatever else)...So, I was just wondering if any of you could help/explain to me why this is happening.
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Y Tu Mama Tambien: The Kiss


I've been lurking for quite a while, enjoying all the lovely caps. I made a mini movie icon of the diego and gael kissing and have been asked for the caps from it a few times and figured maybe someone here would like them too.

Here is pretty much the whole kiss capped - frame by frame = 194 caps. You will probably have to color correct the images as they came out a bit dark originally.

the only thing i ask is that you don't hotlink to my links. if you want to share the images too, then upload them to your own server.

the images are all 960px by 540px

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ytmt-kiss1.zip (5.45mb)
ytmt-kiss2.zip (6.03mb)
ytmt-kiss3.zip (5.89mb)
ytmt-kiss4.zip (6.03mb)
ytmt-kiss5.zip (6.14mb)
ytmt-kiss6.zip (5.94mb)
ytmt-kiss7.zip (5.90mb)
ytmt-kiss8.zip (4.94mb)

eta: i fixed the links and they now go to *eight* different files, not just the one. muchas gracias to scarletumbrella for bringing the problem to my attention!

eta2: here's the icon i made from the caps.
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Request answered: Dogma

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My caps with Power DVD are always very blue-ish, so I have to fumble around with the colour setting afterwards. That's why I couldn't make tons of them :( Does anyone know how to avoid this effect? Because for some reason I can't make full screencaps anymore, the screen of the DVD program is black or keeps fixed where it was on the screen, when I move around the screencap in Photoshop, it moves around the capped scene O.o . My PC didn't do that always, just started recently. Help greatly appreciated.
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Request filling: Will & Grace s5e7

mcyummy requested caps of Will & Grace s5 ep 7, "The Needle & the Omelet's Done." I have 257 small, not-very-sharp, 352x256 caps up on photobucket. Sorry about the size but that was the only clip of this ep I could find. Anyhoo, samples & link under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking, etc.
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