February 27th, 2005


Queen of the Damned caps?

Anyone have any interest in these? I made 967 of them tonite for personal use. So there are a lot of scenes that I heavily capped, for animation purposes. They are very high quality 900somex400some caps, LOL. I am not a regular capper by any means, this is the first thing I have ever attempted. But I really wanted some QOTD caps, and all I could find in the memories were small sets, like 20 or so. And I really wanted more than that...so I've done the whole movie. :) Let me know if there's interest and I'll see about finding somewhere to have them hosted.

An av made from the caps:

((Not for kids!!))
Scrapbook Kate

Lost Episode 16 Screencaps - HDTV

Screencaps for LOST episode 16, "Outlaws."

Finally finished...exceptionally late... Hopefully this will be a rare exception, and caps for "...In Translation" and ALIAS episode eight really should be done tomorrow.

1136 caps this week. The usual 1280x720 pixels, zipped jpegs.

Sample caps behind the cut:

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The Zip Files:
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part1.zip (5.60 MB)
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part2.zip (19.1 MB)
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part3.zip (10.3 MB)
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part4.zip (19.4 MB)
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part5.zip (11.1 MB)
Lost.s01e16.screencaps.part6.zip (6.72 MB)

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

Space and bandwidth provided by the absoutley amazing txvoodoo

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School of Rock

In this entry, I hotlinked to 41 screencaps I took from School of Rock. All of them feature Adam Pascal. Comment, credit, go wild, and please enjoy. Again, this links to an LJ entry, not a Photobucket gallery, so dial-up users, beware.
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Bride of Chucky - screencaps of Gordon Michael Woolvett + Alexis Arquette

A while back, I went insane took some screencaptures of Bride of Chucky. You can check 'em out in the following LJ entries (the links are behind the cut). There are four entries; three feature screen captures of Gordon Michael Woolvett and one entry features Alexis Arquette. If you're on dial-up, this isn't your lucky day.

Sorry for the spam, by the way -- I was going to consolidate these all into one entry, since the way I'm doing this doesn't exactly conform to the community's standards, but I didn't want to break the rules by showcasing more than one fandom in a single entry. Apologies for the annoyance.

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Just One of the Guys

I have 255 caps (720X480) from the 1985 movie Just One of the Guys. The movie is like a 1980s time capsule of hair and fashion. If you didn't grow up watching cheesy bad movies on HBO then you probably don't remember the movie at all. If you did, enjoy the caps. If you want to use the caps for anything, please credit me.

Nudity warning: The movie is rated PG-13 but would surely pull an R if re-rated today. The caps contain some pictures from Playboy decorating a high school boy's room and one instance (2 caps) of a topless female.

Samples and zip behind the cut:Collapse )
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Card Captor Sakura - All 3 Openings

I capped 170 caps of all of the CCS opening sequences. Hopefully they can be useful (since some of them has text over them). I capped these earlier this month and I decided to put them in a zip file since it takes so long to upload all of them on Photobucket. ^^;

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Celebrity Poker Showdown:-- Allison Janney and Mary McCormack

::I can't remember if I posted this here the other day or not? I apologise if this is a repost::

I've taken screencaps of Allison Janney and Mary McCormack from Celebrity Poker Showdown.

You can download a zip pack from this page or go strait to the Gallery.

Unfortunately, they are small and mpeg quality, so you might want to check the Gallery first before downloading the zip file.
K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"

Request filled - Moulin Rouge

kellsta and userinfoperididdle requested caps from Moulin Rouge, and here are 767 caps of the entire movie.

Samples and links (this time it's two Zip files) are behind the cut.

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Please comment if downloading, and credit is appreciated, but not mandatory.

-K. Thomas

EDIT:  In order to send the caps, the two files have been split into eight.  Just figured you should know.  If you want them, please leave an e-mail address.

ANOTHER EDIT:  Added the caps to my Yahoo! photo album.  Here they are.  Please comment if taking any from there.

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BIG request filled: "Without A Trace," 3 episodes

angel_kathryn requested caps from 3 episodes of "Without A Trace": s1e02 "Birthday Boy", s2e02 "Confidence", and s2e20 "Shadows". Since she didn't specify a particular actor or plotline, I went ahead and capped everything. :-) I have 348 hdtv caps, 624x352, from "Birthday Boy"; 297 hdtv caps, 624x352, from "Confidence"; and 291 hdtv caps, 624x352, from "Shadows" up on photobucket. All are unretouched. Oh, and as always, photobucket has randomized the order, sorry. Samples and links under the cuts.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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st tos: kirk/spock

Futurama: Luck of the Fryrish

This was the first episode of Futurama to make me cry. Mostly because I cry at pretty much everything. Shh.

Don't you...forget about me... (Oh yeah, I also love The Breakfast Club. Which might have had something to do with it.)

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On SendSpace:
ZIP - 9.33MB - 210 caps

Hehe, I feel like I am posting these too often. I should hold off for a bit. :P
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Standing Still

Alias - Episode 4x08 - HDTV Screencaps

Screencaps for ALIAS episode 4x07, "Echoes," the return of Sark and Anna Espinosa.

1408 HDTV caps, zipped jpegs, separated by act.

And now sample caps:
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The Zip Files
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part1.zip (26.1 MB)
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part2.zip (20.6 MB)
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part3.zip (19.5 MB)
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part4.zip (26.8 MB)
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part5.zip (6.41 MB)
Alias.s04e08.screencaps.part6.zip (10.7 MB)

Still recovering from last week. This week should be all back to normal with the schedule.

Comment and credit are appreciated.

Space and bandwidth, again, provided by txvoodoo, who is positively amazing!

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Request filling: Angel s5 DVD featurettes - Amy Acker

bunnyphobic (great name BTW) requested DVD caps of Amy Acker from the special features on the Angel season 5 box set. I've got 109 caps, 750x540, unretouched, up on photobucket. I think that's every scrap of AA I could find on the extras. And may I just say how bummed I was that there is no Making of Illyria featurette on this box set? :-) Samples and link under the cut.
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Request filled: ER - Shane West

OK, now I'm mad. I just posted this and it went off into the LJ ether somewhere. Anyhoo.

xnight_owlx requested caps of Shane West in 2 ER episodes, s11e08 "A Shot In the Dark" and s11e15, "Alone In a Crowd." I have about 60 s11e08 hdtv caps, 624x352, and about 35 s11e15 caps, unretouched, up on photobucket. I must say I do like Shane West; he's like that Doogie Howser kid with an extra oomph of testosterone. Samples and link under the cut.
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Request Filled...ish: Delta Goodrem - Mistaken Identity (Music Video)

About a week ago, I made a post asking if anybody wanted some Delta, Mistaken Identity caps.

I actually did manage to cut down the number of caps *proud* but because dial-up and school are equally stupid, only have about four hundred up so far, total to around 4MB.

If you want them, drop me a comment with your email address and I'll send them to you. If you don't want everybody seeing your address, then email me instead at devil.v@gmail.com saying that you want the Mistaken Identity caps. Drop me your email once, and I'll send you all of the zips once I get around to them.

For anybody that wants to make a mini-movie of any particular scene, just drop me a comment or email of the numbers of the caps of what I have sent out. Like, if you wanted all of the caps of the doll-head, tell me that you wanted the scene from cap 1000, because the name of that image is MistakenIdentity_frame_1000.jpg. I hope that makes some kind of sense.

Sample caps here.

Please remember to credit me as ctkelly. Thanks!
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Festival Express (290 caps)

290 Festival Express caps. The recent documentary takes a look at the 1970 Festival Express tour using almost exclusively archive footage. The caps are Janis Joplin heavy but there are quite a few Grateful Dead & The Band caps as well as some of the other Festival Express performers.

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If you use these please credit, thanks.
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