February 28th, 2005


I ♥ Huckabees (835 caps)

Film: I ♥ Huckabees
Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin, Mark Wahlberg, Naomi Watts, Isabelle Huppert
Number of Caps: 835

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Please consider linking back to this post, or crediting my LJ, if you use these caps around here or elsewhere! ♥
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DVD Lists

We tried them in the request community (capitrequests) for awhile, but it seems that since so many people don't have it on their friends list (it is a little spammy) that no one is seeing the DVD lists when they're posted. So from now on they'll be back in the main community. If these too start to get spammy, they'll probably be moved back to the request community.

When posting a DVD list, please be sure you have the time, ability, and webspace to be filling the requests. Asking for requests and not filling them is not cool at all. Also, when requesting to a DVD list, please check the community memories to be sure your request hasn't been filled. No point in having someone take their time to do something that's been done.

I'll be editing the info pages as soon as LJ starts cooperating. Thanks for your patience.
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Request filling: ER - Goran Visnjic

onlywordsnow requested Goran Visnjic caps from season 11 of ER. Since I'd just pulled out some Shane West caps from s11e08 and s11e15, and hadn't got around to taking the episodes off my hard drive yet, I went ahead and capped them for the Croatian Hottie. He's got the B plot in s11e08 and the A plot in s11e15. I went ahead and picked up the numbering sequences from the Shane West caps; s11e08 Visnjic caps start at 63 and s11e15 Visnjic caps start at 34. Caps are hdtv, 624x352, unretouched, and they're in the same album as the Shane West caps. Samples and link under the cut.
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Comment, credit, no hotlinking etc.
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Hi, I'm new to this community [and this whole capping-thing as well], and thought that maybe you guys want to see a list of the DVD's I own. In case there's something you want to be capped :)

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