March 1st, 2005


Avril Lavigne - Complicated: Music Video

An immense wave of boredom swept over me so i decided to cap a bunch of music videos rather than just the one film (plus *puts on grumpy hat* it was quicker than ctrl |prt screen , cropping backgrounds,and endless saving etc) So i know they are super old and no-one requested them but you never know!....

Here is the first...

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All i ask is no hotlinking and of course comments are good :)
thanks barbara xx
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Important YouSendIt News

I read this on fandomsounds a few minutes ago and wanted to share this because it affects the community in a great way.

"YSI are now following those sites from which people access to their sites the most!"

Meaning, if you click on a link to YSI which you found on someone else's LJ they can track you back!

This has been posted as a reply in a forum where someone had upped a file on YSI:

This file has been removed from the YouSendIt servers due to a violation of our terms of service agreement (please see below for further details).

Our service is intended for use solely as a means to share files between a small amount of people. Acceptable usage might include:
Uploading a photograph album to be shared amongst friends of family
Moving an important file or document between work and home computers
Sharing work with classmates or colleagues.

It is not acceptable to share links to files between large amounts of people on internet forums or message boards as this puts excessive load on our file servers and uses up bandwidth. It is with this in mind that we have decided to actively prevent our service being used in this way and take action to make people aware of what is and is not allowed. YouSendIt have decided to start pursuing the websites with the highest instances of abuse of our service.

The rest of the details can be found at

It's always a good thing until the masses start using it. Like Photobucket, wouldn'tchano.

I'm not honestly sure what this means in terms of LJ because while they can track it back here, it's unfair to generalize that it's always among a large group of people so this is basically a heads up and if your stuff disappears, this is probably a good reason why.

A few suggestions to this have been Gmail and

If anyone has any good freeservers they use for caps and would like to suggest them comment and I can make a list for people who use YSI on a regular basis because that might have to stop. And I said MIGHT so no jumping down my throat. I have not been sleeping so I have no tolerance for it right now.

Any other suggestions on what we can do would be appreciated.

EDIT I just thought about this: maybe you could also withold the yousendit links and ask for email addresses the confirmation address could be forwarded to? Then just send the email. Not sure if that's much different but it's a suggestion.

EDIT2 YouSendIt has apparently disspelled the above to be false so if anyone was worrying ( and I didn't mean to cause anything, it's more of wanting to keep everyone informed on their options. Not everyone sees it as such but then again you can't please the masses so, take information as you will )then there is apparently no need.
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I have had this question for a while and I'm finally asking. How do you take screen captures from a TV show? Is there like a special cable or something you need to hook up? I'm starting a fansite for Olivia Wilde and it would be very useful if I could find out how to take my own screen caps of her from Skin and the OC. Thanks 8)
stock - dublin sky was changing you

OC - 2x14 - Rainy Day Women - Whole ep caps.

heehheeee.. It was inevitable. With the kissing scene, nearly every friend of mine, and OC fans literally demanded for caps of the various scenes.. So, capping the ep was the only solution :))

First of all, I did not capped whooole scenes.. I capped the important ones for the main fandom.. But arent there any interesting? Yes there are. :D The main of my reason is, I know that jessica0042 is capping the whole season 2 of OC with the usual we know "big caps" and "zipped files" style :)) If you are that desperate for my point of view, here I am :D But this is a one day thing, so follow her. I do :)

You can follow her OC posts from cap_it, or simply check her memories which are here :)

But now, here we go:

Sample caps + Zip File.. )