March 4th, 2005

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TV - Young Americans - 1x01 Pilot

I'm not sure there's gonna be any interest in these but I'll post at least one episode.
I made 288 caps of the pilot episode of the tv show called Young Americans.
A lot of these are Ian Somerhalder/Katherine Moennig oriented. Of course, there are some Kate Bosworth in the mix as well as some of the rest of the cast. Sorry for the quality but that's the best I could come up with.
Comment, credit me if you use and do not hotlink them.
Thank you.

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K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"

"Light It Up" caps

Just so you know, nobody requested these caps.  I just thought that caps for this movie should be in the memories, since it is really awesome.  There are 663 caps, and they are divided into two albums.  The first 37 in a Weblogimages folder and the other in a Photobucket.

Samples and links are behind the cut.

Warning: Since the movie is rated R, some of the caps feature:  people who have been shot (nothing too graphic though), simulated and actual drug usage, and scenes of violence.

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Please comment if taking any caps, and no direct linking to the photobucket.  Thank you very much.

-K. Thomas

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Lost Episode 17 Screencaps - HDTV

Screencaps for LOST episode 17, "...In Translation"

I've had these uploaded since Wednesday...I just kept forgetting to post them. :/ On the bright side though, I think everything should be more or less back to normal with the schedule now...or what there was of one.

1280 caps, 1280x720 pixels, zipped jpegs.

Sample caps behind the cut:

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The Zip Files: (7.99 MB) (19.6 MB) (9.44 MB) (22.1 MB) (20.6 MB) (9.03 MB)

Comment and credit are always greatly appreciated.

Space and bandwidth provided by the absoutley amazing txvoodoo

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"Singin In The Rain" Caps

I'm always looking for caps of "Singin in the Rain", but I could never ever find any, up until a little while ago. So I decided to make caps of my own, but I'm lazy and don't have enough album room to upload them to photobucket, and I can't upload a zip to anywhere, so behind the cut is a thumbnail gallery. Click on the thumbnail for a 720x480 cap. :)

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