March 10th, 2005


Random Malice Mizer

I was taking these screenshot to share with someone (I was joking about how we should dress up as Mana and Gackt), and since I have them uploaded I thought I might as well share these screenshots with everyone ^__^
they aren't the best quality (ok they're pretty bad) since I got them from a burn copy of a DVD and I have no idea where that copy came from. So the images quality isn't the best.

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NanaXTakumi-Seduce Pro||maker-me

Night Watch/Ночной Дозор -part 1

I've made some caps from this movie(I love it!!!).This is the furst part-286 captures.The second will come soon.Samples and password for the album behind the cut.Please credit if use^^
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Oh,and I'm not sure about the rating of the movie,but it's not for kids.There is a lot of blood(and meat by the way^^).
The size of all captures is 640x352 pixels.
All captures are here:
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Screencapping problem

I was thinking that I could take some screencaps from a movie I have on DVD, and tried to do so. But when I pasted the image in paint/paint shop pro, all it did was show the picture as it was in the media player the movie was played.. so I have a black box in the middle of the pic, where my screenshot of a scene from the movie should be, which just reflects what is seen in the movie player window. And whatever you do to the pic, it doesn't effect that picture.. Am I doing something wrong? I would really appreciate some help.

Revenge of the Sith // New Trailer

-202 caps from the new Revenge of the Sith trailer that has me orgasming all over the place. 512x896, Quality is touch and go; some are HDTV, others turned out grainy.
-No hotlinking or redistributing. Credit is appreciated but not mandatory, it just helps direct others to where they can get it.
Samples behind the cut.
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ZIP FILE 1 2.49MBs
ZIP FILE 2 2.56MBs
ZIP FILE 3 2.23MBs
ZIP FILE 4 2.67MBs
If anyone would like to mirror this I'd appreciate it, and will edit in any links.