March 11th, 2005

Dwight - bobblehead

Drumline Caps

Hi, I'm new here and this is the first time I've capped anything in my life, so it's something of a trial. Comment, credit, etc. etc. Oh, and the password is "chaichild22", same as my username.

(The caps are in backwards order of the movie, starting from the end, going to the beginning.)

282 Drumline Caps
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K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"

"Head of State" Screencaps

Hello everyone.  I capped Head of State just 'cause.  There are 941 caps total.

The movie is separated into 3 albums, and the other 5 are deleted scenes and frame-by-frames of some parts.  Samples and link behind the cut.

Collapse )

Please comment if taking any, and credit is appreciated, but not mandatory.

-K. Thomas

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