March 13th, 2005

csi: ny caps

i've uploaded bunches to my lj pictures site here.

61 from 110 ("night, mother"), 90 from 113 ("tanglewood"), and 50 from 115 ("til death do we part").  caps are heaviest on danny and heavy on mac, with a little stella and almost no aiden (not to say i dislike aiden or anything, but i take enough caps as it is). 

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tmb ; we love the chosen one

Filling a request: Freaky Friday

This was requested some time ago, so I apologize for the delay. I just didn't find time to make any caps until this week. So, here I have a lot of Lindsay-centric Freaky friday -caps. Hope you like them :) As usual, samples and links to the zip-files can be found under the cut.

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Hey guys :)
I noticed that there aren't any Cypher screencaps anywhere around on the net so I made some. Enjoy ;) ... May contain spoilers! Collapse )
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