March 15th, 2005

KT! by anesthezea

Merlin caps, young Merlin

Caps of Merlin but only of Daniel Brocklebank, the cutie who played young Merlin. Please leave a comment if you'd like other parts of the movie capped.

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The rest of the caps can be found here in the folder

I'm asking this everywhere, is there ANYONE here with a Wireimage or Rex Features account? I'll do anything for you to get me some pics, give you my firstborn, anything!!
Alice - Cheshire Dark Teeth

Requested Labyrinth caps

For nekoeyes, requested in capitrequests, caps from the park scene at the beginning of the movie, the Dance Magic Dance scene (along with some of Sarah marking the path), and some from the helping hands scene. They're all in the size and quality presented in the samples.

Please do not memory these

Comment if taking, credit if using for graphics, icons, or websites.

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My original Labyrinth caps.

My cap collection.

If you have any difficulties downloading, please let me know and I'll try to work something out for you. :)