March 19th, 2005

Phantom of the Opera - Random Scenes, Interviews and BTS Caps - DVD Quality

These are from the Japanese DVD. They are DVD quality from the actual DVD and have a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, like Gerard's singing session and Emmy's rehersal. I've also included many caps from random scenes from the film itself.

# of caps: 217
Size: 600x400
Format: Widescreen, .jpg & .png
Starring: Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson & Emmy Rossum

Resized Sample Cap (Bigger ones under the cut):

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Take them for icons and such, but if you upload them to a website please credit my journal as the source. Comments are enjoyed & appreciated! (Pssst... Gerard is hot!)

~Thank you
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Robots Trailer - Caps

So I saw Robots tonight, and I loved it. And, figuring it was the number one movie and I didn't see it in the memories, took it upon myself to make caps of the trailer. I hope you enjoy them, just let me know if you're taking any, I don't care about credit or anything.

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hellboy. howdy doody.

Phantom Of The Opera

I've checked out the memories and I've noticed that someone has already posted some PotO caps.

I have got some high res caps (DVD quality) lurking on my hard drive that I am currently clearing out. Is anyone interested in them before I send them to the trash can?

Also, on an unrelated note, I have quite a few sets of music video screen caps. I obviously won't post what is already in the memories, but I was wondering whether I was to make individual posts for each set (running the danger of spamming your flists) or to put them all into one large entry.

What would be the preferred way?

Many thanks :)
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