March 25th, 2005

.Hack Sign Gift

I have another set of screen caps for y'all! This time the caps are from .Hack//Sign Gift. It was a super funny spin off. If you haven't seen it you should go download it right now! Please comment, and credit is apperciated but not needed. Below you will find the link to the zip file and a few sample caps. Enjoy!

.Hack Gift
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leet, clone wars: born to be leet

Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons (Episodes 1-20)

I went slightly overboard in capping the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons, so I thought I'd share. Forgive me if I do something wrong, this is the first time I've shared my screencaps.

All captures are 800px by 450px, JPG format, compression minimal. I resized them down slightly already to save space, but they look better if resized even a bit more. Still, they're directly from the DVDs and there's 874 of them - from just over an hour of footage. As you can see, every scene and almost every shot is represented. :) But if there's a particular shot anyone wants, I'll be happy to take requests!

Please comment if you download/use them because I'm curious and nosy, but credit is unnecessary unless you wish to give it.

[[ Looking for Episodes 21-25? Here. :) ]]

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hellboy. howdy doody.

Phantom Of The Opera

OK, so I finished uploading these babies a day or two ago, but I'm having trouble finding somewhere with suffient space and bandwidth for the zip files.

It seems silly for me to sit on these images meantime, so I've decided to share them ;)

I divided them into 11 galleries (to match the zip file content) which explains why some scenes are split up. I might re-arrange them at some point, but rest assured they will be staying up in my Photobucket account for a loooong time ;D

They're all 852x480 .jpgs.

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1085 cap in total

[Updated 6th April: HUGEST thank yous to calixta9 for volunterring to host my Phantom .zip files on a permanent basis]

NEW links
Pot0 .zip 01 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 02 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 03 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 04 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 05 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 06 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 07 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 08 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 09 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 10 :: 100 caps
PotO .zip 11 :: 85 caps

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