March 26th, 2005


Outsiders - Trailer

Hey guys. I capped the trailer to the movie The Outsiders (based on the novel by S.E. Hinton. Later today or tomorrow I'll be posting full movie caps.

If there's a specific scene or shot that you wanted and I missed it, comment and let me know.

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southpark caps?

hey i was going to... or im hoping to redownlaod the 1-3 southpark episiodes of season 9 of southpark and i was wondering if anyone would like me to cap them. and of course i could continue capping each episode after it's aired... kinda like people do for alias and lost.

if anyone is intersted please comment :)
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Filling a request: The Day After Tomorrow

These caps were requested some time ago, and I'm sorry again for the delay. I'm just too lazy to do anything at once.
Anyway, I give to you A LOT of DAT-caps. These are not as good as they should be [all of them are not widescreen], but let me know if you want better caps, and I'll try to work on them.

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The Outsiders

I said I'd be back with full movie caps. :) There's 6 parts to this because my capping program is evil.

Some of them might be sort of blurry. If I missed something you wanted, feel free to comment and I'll do it as soon as possible.

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Sports Night screencaps

I've just posted caps of 12 episodes of Sports Night - 1x16 Sally, 1x19 Eli's Coming, 1x20 Ordnance Tactics, 1x21 Ten Wickets, 1x22 Napoleon's Battle Plan, 1x23 What Kind of Day Has It Been, 2x01 Special Powers, 2x02 When Something Wicked This Way Comes, 2x16 The Local Weather, 2x17 Draft Day Part 1, 2x18 Draft Day Part 2 and 2x19 April Is the Cruelest Month.

{ Click here for the zip files and samples }

{ Alternately, go here for the galleries }