March 27th, 2005

jack jack attack. 133 caps

well i dont have this dvd but we rented it and i love it so much and i absolutely LOVE the short jack jack attack so i capped it!

133 caps. please credit callmefreak or my icon journal notalastresort

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please credit! yeah and i think i went a little nuts capping. but then again i always do. hehe.
K. Thomas - "Hair Cape"

"Undercover Brother" and "Carmen: A Hip Hopera"

Hello all.  Hope you're having a good Easter.

Since I'm on spring break right now, I'm kind of on a "capping frenzy".  So, I capped both Undercover Brother and Carmen: A Hip Hopera and am currently capping The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, which'll be up hopefully by tonight.  Anyway, here are three samples of each movie.

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Please comment if taking any since I like to know where these caps go/how they're being used, and once again, credit is appreciated but not mandatory.

-K. Thomas

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sarkney // toxic // by me

The Perfect Score

I'm new, this is my first post. Hopefully someone likes.

Movie: The Perfect Score
# of Caps: 275
Cap Size: 800x450
Actors Featured: Centered on Scarlett Johansson; also includes Chris Evans, Erika Christensen, Bryan Greenberg, Leonardo Nam, Darius Miles, and Matthew Lillard.
Gallery: >HERE< (hosted at Beyond The Stars)

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karl&amp;creativity... (( UW ))

Card Captor Sakura - All 3 Endings

Since I did the openings of Card Captor Sakura, I decided to cap the ending themes as well. Sorry if there are text on the caps, I tried my best to not cap the scenes that covered the character's faces or anything like that. Not that many caps for Season 2 since there wasn't much to cap to be honest with you. Credit me (invader_bs) or my icon journal (_____vegaicons) when using the caps for anything. Thank you! :]

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Confused.......!!! On power DVD it has the little camera that you press and it gives you options: capture to wallpaper, file, or clipboard! I can do wallpaper but I dont get the file and clipboard! Where is it being saved to?? What file?? I dont get it!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Thank you

much love,

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Ok here are a couple movies I can cap!!! I can cap specific scenes, whole movies, scenes whith a certain charecter ect....

all Harry Potters
all LOTR's
both X-men
Edddie Izzard "circle" (and the rest when my sis gives them back)
all Pink Panthers
Pirates of the Caribbean
Kal ho naa ho
Kuch kuch hota hai
main hoon na
Dil chahta hai
Blue Crush
13 going on 30
shreak 2
Life as a house
Leagaly blond
Spiderman 2
Hollywood Homicide
Open Range
All the queens men

And more to come.....
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