March 29th, 2005

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Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle - Promo

I downloaded this promo of the upcoming anime of "Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle". I have capped 58 caps. Some caps have subtitles. I think the anime looks very good from the promo. :]
On an unrelated note, I can cap some episodes of Card Captor Sakura. If anyone wants a specific episode, then ask and I'll cap it for you. :]
EDIT: Now that I know the first link doesn't work, I added a mirror. And that should work. :]

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The Grudge

157 captures from the movie The Grudge (even though this movie has probably been capped to death already ;) ) You'll find lots of Jason Behr caps as he was my favorite part of the whole movie :D This is a horror movie so the caps will be graphic, don't click the cut if you can't stomach them or as easily frightend/grossed out.

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The rest of the caps can be found at Resplendence Image Archive :) Hope you find them useful :D
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Grey's Anatomy - 1x01 - "A Hard Days Night"

I've got 727 screencaps all sized 624x352 of Grey's Anatomy - 1x01 - "A Hard Days Night". Three samples are behind the cut, and zips are here:
Part One - 246 caps, 7.72 MB. Right-click save, please.
Part Two - 246 caps, 7.38 MB. Right-click save, please.
Part Three - 235 caps, 7.43 MB. Right-click save, please.

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I'd appreciate it if you comment if you download them, and credit myself or whoresque if you use them in icons/graphics. :) Enjoy!

Also, this was a filled request for three people - here, here, & here.
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The OC - 1.01 - The Pilot

550 caps of the first the O.C. episode, "The Pilot".

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Comment if you take, credit would be nice but not necessary. Enjoy!

Edit - I now got them all uploaded on my Photobucket, so you don't have to worry about the links expiring.
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