April 2nd, 2005

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Lost 01x19

1364 caps // 960x528

Yeah, calling that cap happy wouldn't really do it. Maybe it was a twitch? No clue but I tried mellowing out during the second half. :/ Not the usual quality but I had nothing to do so decided to go for it.

Please comment if taking and credit if using.

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Zip One : 000-299 : 15.6 MB
Zip Two : 300-599 : 12 MB
Zip Three : 600-899 : 13.4 MB
Zip Four : 900-1199 : 12.1 MB
Zip Five : 1200-1363 : 6.2 MB

EDIT: I no longer own my domain due to financial problems but if you would like them re-uploaded to a free server such as yousendit or megaupload, please comment.
Charlotte - Lost in Translation
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ER - 1.03 + 1.04 + 1.05

ER - 1.03 Going Home [ZIP-File 50,6 MB, 1280x720 Pixel, 542 Caps]
ER -
1.04 Hit and Run [ZIP-File 53 MB, 1280x720 Pixel, 570 Caps]
ER -
1.05 Into That Good Night [ZIP-File 37,1 MB, 1280x720 Pixel, 562 Caps]

If the link has expired, but you would still like to download the ZIP-File leave a comment and I will upload them again. :)

  • Comment and credit if you take..would be really nice at least!!
  • Don't hotlink !!!

You can find the first 2 episodes right here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/cap_it/1116211.html

Anne - Redheaded snippet

The Slipper and the Rose screencaps

One of my favorite movies, I searched everywhere for some pictures and finally capped my own.

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No credit is necessary, just use and enjoy! If there are particular scenes and/or characters that you would like to see more of, let me know and I'll try to get them added.
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Anne - Redheaded snippet

Strictly Ballroom screencaps

Yet another movie that is impossible to find caps from!

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Crediting/commenting is nice and appreciated but not necessary. If there are particular characters/scenes that you want more of, let me know, and I'll see if I can get them added.
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Anne - Redheaded snippet

Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel

488 screencaps for your art-making pleasure! Lots of Anne, Diana, Marilla, Morgan Harris, and of course, Gilbert!

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This took me about eight hours to do (not that I minded freezing the camera on Gilbert's face over and over again), so I would appreciate if you would comment if you're taking any caps. Credit is nice, but not necessary. Enjoy!
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